Hotkeys for getting to robot main and driver station quickly

If you already use AutoHotkey to create custom macros, then the code I’m about to share with you should be familiar (and you can just skip to the link to download or copy it). If not, read on.

Autohotkey is a powerful scripting language that allows for the customization of keyboard shortcuts and other macros to manipulate windows and programs. To make it easy to get back to robot main (the project already has CTRL + SHIFT + E) and to the driver station, I have used AHKGen.comto generate a script that sets CTRL + ALT + M to bring Robot (if open) to the front, and CTRL + ALT + D to either bring the driver station to the front or open it (if using multiple desktops on Windows 10, this will move you to the appropriate desktop).

The script is available at
(because uses the url to store/share the configuration, I’m using to shorten it, if you want the full url, reply here or PM me).