Hours spent so far....

Just wondering how many hours have you guys spent so far in the '07 build season?

We had a post-kickoff meeting for 3 hours, off Sunday, then 2 hour team meeting on Monday.

Right now I’m currently pulling an all nighter to get the CAD drawings in a day early for the CNC work…that’s gonna take a while. I guess I’ve spent about 20 hours+ in Inventor since the kickoff.

That makes a grand total of 25+ hours, out of 2 days so far in the season…

Well basically we meet for 12hrs on Saturday. Right now I have logged in 16 hrs but I know the students have out in more. I’m going to try to keep track of how many total but we’ll see how that goes.

18 hours on saturday. 10 hours on sunday. 10.5 hours today.

Total of 38.5 hours (just in our lab. More if you count time at home working on robotics).

who has time to keep track of hours? :slight_smile:

Myself, about 17 hours on Sat, 2 on Sunday, and 3 today. So about 22. But many members spent most of Sunday working too, so up towards 40 for the most intense members.

total hours sinceKick Off - hours of sleep =]

So far we met for 4 hours on Saterday and 4 on Monday. But thats just as a team and doesnt count CAD design and thinking. However we have off of school this friday and monday so we will have 4 straight days and get alot done.

Same for me.

Officially, let’s see…

Kickoff: 4 hours
Post-Kickoff KoP Inventory: 2 hours
Monday meeting: 2 hours

That doesn’t factor in about ten hours of number-crunching and plotting and scheming.


We still haven’t had your first meeting of the season. Our team thinks its better to let the game sink in before we go all crazy with strategy and design. But after tonight we sould know exactly what we will be shoting for. Then we can actually begin design (I ave allready designed 4 or so robots that I can present covering just about every situation).

15 hours so far, and that’s because I’ve got exams next week. After my calc exam though, I’m gonna be in the shop pretty much non-stop.

Officially… 6 hours on Saturday, Not allowed to meet on Sundays, 6 hours on Monday. But the students were “supposed” to read the manual on Sunday.

In my opinion… we haven’t done anything with the time.

We are suppose to keep track:yikes:
well lets see i think i have spent about 25 hours not including kick off… but we did not meet yesterday but are today:cool:

We’ve only met once and it was today during lunch. I myself have been thinking about it none stop and came up with 10 designs… trashed 8 of them and are left with two. lol. I’m movitvated beyond reason with this thing… trouble is getting the rest of the team to get this pumped

Sleep… what is this sleep you speak of?

I told a friend the other day, “It’s robotics season; I no longer know what sleep is.”

Similarly to Zoheb. Our team (118) meets for kickoff at UHCL and than we got to know each other afterwards for a few hours. Than sunday we spent 5 hours on functions of the bot and I have done about 6 hours of work researching designs + parts we can use and around 3-4 hours (cause i couldn’t sleep) on the website…


haha 118! great job last year at Texas! it sucks we broke down in the last match of the finals. -_- what regional are you guys going to this year?

about 5 hours as a team, about 48 hours brainstorming individually

Lets see, saturday was a total of 16 hours…sunday was a total of 12 hours…and 10 hours on monday night, this doesnt include cad time, whichis probably an additional 5-6 hours