We work everyday after school from 2:50 till sometime around 4:30/5:00, then saturdays from 10:00-whenever it all depends on what we can do and what needs to be done. we’re all really paranoid this build season because we barely were able to ship last year and we still needed all the time at competition to fix stuff. note to everyone, don’t change all the electrical stuff AND add pneumatics in week 4. it was not a well rested time in my life.

For 1444:

Monday - Friday: 5:30-9:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sunday: 2:00-7:00PM

All the times are tentative and we usually end up staying later than we expect. We take no days off. Towards the end, we might work 18 hour days and there have been a few years with 24 hour days. Last year on the Friday before the robot was shipped, worked from 5:30PM-1:30AM and was back at 6.5 hours later. People bring food when our times interfere with meal times. This schedule works well for us. I can’t imagine spending any less time.


Monday-Thursday: 2:30PM-10PM
Friday: 2:30PM-any unintelligable time between 2:30AM and 4:00 AM
Saturday: 11:00AM- any unintelligable time between 2:30AM and 4:00AM
Sunday: 11:00AM-8:00PM

72.5 hours at bare minimums represented here. What is sleep?:stuck_out_tongue:

Mon 4:30-when ever you have to leave (most about 6ish)
Tues 4:30-when ever you have to leave (most about 6ish)
Wed 3:00 to whever ever you have to leave
Thur 4:30-when ever you have to leave (most about 6ish)
Fri 4:30-when ever you have to leave (most about 6ish)
Sat - everyother saturady we sleep at school so work late on Fri then work till noon on saturday
Sun- Off

The more involved will normaly stay untill 8 or 9

Also after school we have a mandatory 1 hour study hall

Until the end of school, which is 3pm (or 2 on thursdays) until as early as 6 or as late as 9… We actually have parents bringing in food on the days we stay really late.

Also, some students have several free periods during the day, where they work on the bot.

Saturday and Sunday are open as long as people need to be there… which is usually most of the day.

We do
Mon 3-7 then a team meeting then after that till 8-8:30 ish
Tues-Fri 3-8
Sat 10am-anywhere from 6-9
Sun noon- 8

During the final week we tend to work longer hours and the hours I posted are a rough estimate it really depends on how much we get done on the day…

We voted an an official 11 hour a week schedule for this year, where traditionally we’ve operated on an official 15 hour a week schedule. However, I came late yesterday and still put in 4 hours. We do whatever it takes. Saturdays start as a 7:59-3:00pmish during week 1, and by week 6 Saturday’s meetings start at 7:59 and last until midnightish… :ahh:

Mechanical, as far as your individual situation, it depends. If you’re willing to settle for a box on wheels, you can get away with your current time schedule, and quite possibly less. If you want a six wheeled swerve drive capable of translating and rotating at the same time will launching moon rocks into a goal thirty feet away, then you’ll never realistically finish. It’s all about setting realistic goals. Just my 2 cents, you’ll need more time. If you meet more now, and discover later you can meet less, great! But if you meet less now, you may find yourself wishing you had more time during week 6, which is never a good position to be in. This game will depend a lot on driver skill, so the sooner you finish, the better.

well saturday we went front 6:30am-5pm(kickoff day)
sunday we went from 1pm-5pm
monday we went 8am-5pm
tuesday off
wednesday(tomorrow) we will go from 3pm-6pm
thursday " "
friday we will go from 3pm-9pm or 8:30ish somewhere there
and saturday and sunday we will go from … what i believe to be 1pm-5pm.

We run on pretty much the same schedule though we treat sundays just like saturdays.

We require build team members to put in 16 hours a week during build season

Us die-hards put in 40 - 45 hours a week, more towards the end

mon tru thursday 5:30 - to 7:30 but i always stay till 8 30

and sat 9- 2

and the last week we usally stay til like 3 am lol

We put in hours as follows:

Saturday: 8:30am till 5pm (or later)
Sunday: 12:00pm till 5pm (or later)
Monday-Thurs 6:30pm till 9:00pm
Friday: off (unless you want to go work)

When i say till later i mean it… its not uncommon to work from 8:30am to 12am when the robot needs work.

MTWTF: 1630 to 2030
Saturday: 0900 to 2100
Sunday: Off

This all goes out the window the last week of build season when panic sets in :smiley:

In past years, we’ve done a tues/thurs 7-9 and sat 9-4 schedule, but by week 3 or 4 that’s usually stretched out to include a few more days. This year, we decided to go all out at the beginning, and hopefully reduce some of the long nights at the end… Monday through Thursday 7-9, and Saturday 9-4.

1319 Official Build Hours

Monday Thru Friday: 6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Saturday: 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
Sunday: 1:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Unoffically members can stay later or sometimes even show up earlier then official meeting times. All nighters have been known to occur near end week 6.

1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th weeks: 6-9PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
3rd and 4th weeks: 6-9PM Monday-Friday
Every weekend: 8AM-6PM Saturday, Noon-6PM Sunday

The mid-season cruch will hopefully let us avoid some of the 2AM sessions before ship.

we have only had two meetings, and from what i know we still do not have any definitive designs and we are still deciding what we want our bot to do. as usual, i’m guessing we will have like 5 kids go all-nighters the last week.

weekdays (usually 3 a week):3-maybe 6
Saturday: 9am-8pm
Sunday: off

i have yet to bring about my concerns, but will hopefully get our captain to add more time weekly.

Our team goes from after school (2:30) until about 6:30 on weekdays, and 9-5 on Saturday. (No Sundays)

Team 811 works around the mentors’ hours:

Sunday 1:00pm - 6:00pm, Monday-Thursday 6:00pm - 10:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm. (Friday is called “date night”)

It is assumed that students do homework etc. from 2:00pm-6:00pm, as opposed to after 10:00pm. Furthermore, we have semester finals during the third week, and students are barred from attendance from Monday afternoon (MLK day) until Friday afternoon. The students are repeatedly told that if they don’t do well on the semester finals they might be banned (by parents or school) thereafter, so this isn’t usually a point of contention.

In either case, only the most insane students (I won’t mention names) work all those hours.

When I was with 174, we had:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 3pm to 9pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

Good times were always had with my second family.