Housing - U-Michigan

What do you guys recommend for roommates? I’m a procrastinating senior that’s committed to U-Michigan for Mechanical Engineering and I’m wondering if there are any recommendations for housing or even how to look for potential roommates? Or go random?

Thanks in advance.

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I’m going random, lol. I applied for the LivingArts Engine MLC so I’m hoping I get that and WISE is my backup.

ETA: there’s also a roommate search on the housing app where you fill out your preferences and anonymously match with someone using UMID’s. As for dorms I’m personally hoping to room on north campus at Bursley (where LivingArts Engine is hosted) but honestly idc what dorm I’m in so long as it’s not Markley or Baits

What I did was my school recommended some people and gave you their social media accounts so you could message them and see if it was a good fit and then I picked one of the people I talked to. I am also a senior so I can’t say much after that though

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