Houston Area Scrimmage

Hello from FRC Team 441!! I would like to invite the Houston Area teams to our scrimmage that we will be hosting at John H. Reagan High School on Saturday Feb. 18th. We would GREATLY appriciate it if teams brought sections of the field since we only have the hoops and a bridge. You are also welcome to come Friday to drop off your robot etc. or maybe get a little game time before Saturday.

If you have any questions you can email me at: [email protected]

Thanks, from FRC441!

The Houston Scrimmage has been moved to Rice University.

The DiscoBots and Team Spectrum will be hosting a Houston Scrimmage at Rice University, Ryon Lab.

TIME: Saturday, Sunday 9AM - 5PM (or later if need be)
PLACE: Ryon Lab , Rice University,

LOADING: we have a payload door to bring in large game objects that don’t fit in the door.
PARKING Parking is available on sunset road or Lot 22 (on sundays)
DIRECTIONS: http://mrsl.rice.edu/contact

OBJECTS: we will have an official carpet roll, 1 set of basketball hoops, 2 metal bumps, 1 plastic covered bridge. 15 balls
we are going to start setting up objects on Thursday. We also have a 4 story ceiling for shooting balls really high !

RSVP: please PM me or reply to this thread if you plan on attending.

We hope to be there. Don’t know what the shape the robot will be in, but we’ll see.

So far we have responses from

2335, 2585, 1429, 3847, 2587, 441 & 3823

Houston has always struggled to put together much of a scrimmage. Hopefully this year we can have more participation !

The important thing is that teams have the support of teams like the DiscoBots, Team Spectrum, and the Devil Dogs, helping to make these opportunities available.

Let us know how the scrimmage goes,

I really wish the TigerBytes could make a trip over. Maybe one year!!

624 will probably make it over at some point. Will post more details as they arrive.

Thanks for hosting!

We spent some time tonight setting things up.

I’m excited to see everyone there.

Thanks to Team 2587 and Rice University for hosting the scrimmage today. We got in some quality practice time with the ramp. We had not seen one before today, but before we left, we could get on it and over it fairly easy. This will be a fun game to play this year!

We had a good turn out on Saturday, 441, 2585, 1429, 3847 & 2587 all attended.

We played a few ramp tricks and shot basketballs, check out this photo of two robots on the ramp, http://twitter.com/discobots

We let Lucia know we’re planning to attend tomorrow, but just wanted to verify that we don’t need to bring any additional field pieces.

624 will be there around noon-ish…

Thanks again!

After the scrimmage what were the conditions of the balls/ were shooter robots missing more shots as the quality of balls went down?

Some of the balls were pretty chewed up. Some were missing the covers all together. They were still able to be shot.

However, if the past holds true at the events, there will be PLENTY of new balls that will be introduced during the games when they begin to show wear.