Houston Chairman's: Thunder Down Under

Congratulations to the Houston Chairman’s Award winners and the newest members of the FIRST Hall of Fame: Team 3132 - Thunder Down Under!


Congratulations, and thank you for your reminders of how absolutely magical and powerful this program is.

I don’t know much about Thunder Down Under, or any Australian team for that matter. When I read the 200,000,000 person line my jaw dropped, and when I read the number of FRC teams they helped found.

Wow. This team is truly deserving of the Hall of Fame accolades. This is what FIRST is about

Their video was top notch. Hell, maybe FIRST should play teams’ chairman’s videos sometimes instead of tired parodies. It’d be great insight into the work non-CCA chairman’s teams do, and, if 3132’s video is any indication, production value would skyrocket.

Also, congrats!


Congratulations, and welcome to the Hall of Fame, 3132. It’s awesome to see our first HoF team from Austrailia.

Yes, congratulations to 3132.

As deserving as 3132 is, there are other teams who’s good work also deserves to be made known to more than the Judges.

Congratulations to 3132! You all are an absolute inspiration, your programs, your team, your robots. It was a remarkable honor to be recognized in a group with you.

Simply awesome!

Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

Exactly. We have all this great, actually inspiring content that teams produce, and FIRST instead decides to play some dumb song which has no purpose other than to advertise the game names (and was equally terrible last year).

Honestly one of my favorite FRC memories ever was talking to 3132 about their robot at Champs in 2015. They had a ridiculous landfill bot and tremendous scouting. Their accents are awesome, and we had a long conversation about how I definitely would not want a kangaroo for a pet. It sounds dumb, but it was a cool moment and an awesome interaction with a remarkable team. Congrats 3132 on this exciting honor, it’s well-deserved.

I’m so immensely proud of this team, and humbled to have spent so much time with them. They’ve helped me immensely, and if not for them, I wouldn’t be writing this here now, since FIRST in my country wouldn’t exist.

Honestly, this team is the biggest lot of all stars I’ve ever met, and every single one of them was overwhelmed with joy when the award was announced. Well deserved.

Congratulations FRC 3132 - and thank you for being such an inspiration to all FRC teams. There are so many deserving teams for this award and your team stands tall amongst all of them!

Congrats and welcome to the Hall of fame!

I was floored by that video. Can’t wait to sit down and spend time reading their submission as well. There should be video of their presentation somewhere, right?

Really excited that Thunder Down Under now has the opportunity to choose what Championship they attend in the future. Would love to see them in Detroit next year!

One of the best teams in FIRST unsurprisingly also created some of the best video content for FIRST, ever. It’s a shame it gets so little play compared to the stuff FIRST actively encourages like the parodies, or actually pays for like the kickoff opening.

Congratulations to 3132 !!!

An incredibly deserving team. They are doing so much to promote FIRST around the globe. And what is so very amazing to me, is that everyone of their programs is so EFFECTIVE, even while being spread so far and wide.

On another note the video was almost as amazing as the team.
Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

It was an amazing opportunity to play with them in Hopper division. Great people and awesome to work with. Congrats to Thunder Down Under well deserved.

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! We are so humbled to be recognised among such amazing teams who are truly making an impact. Please don’t forget 1902 and 3646, two incredible teams that inspire us to dream bigger and two teams we are honoured to have stood with as finalists yesterday. They also deserve your congratulations. They are making their journey count!!

Thank you to every team we’ve had the privilege of working with or meeting at a tournament or event. Your hospitality has kept us coming back, and has inspired us to take the magic of FIRST to Everyone, Everywhere.

Thank you to all our friends we’ve made over the years, and thank you for your unending support. You’ve made our impossible dreams possible!

Thank you for your support of our video. Our media team is beside themselves! They had a crazy dream for this video, and we’re stoked that they managed to pull it off.

Thank you everyone! Looking forward to see you all again soon, whether it’s at a championship, regional, or even in Australia. For now we’re preparing for our long flights home to our sunny shores.


Congratulations to 3132! You all have done a lot, and it’s great to see you all finally be recognized for it. It was great to play with you guys in Hopper, and I hope to see you all next season. Also, thanks for making those koalas you hand out at competition!