Houston Championship Waitlist

When is the final set of waitlist invitations supposed to be sent out to teams?

There is no official cutoff as far as I’m aware. Waitlist invites can be sent up to the start of the event (although most teams seem to decline with less than 24 hours of notice for some reason…).

It looks like about 28 teams have already accepted a waitlist spot for Houston and there are currently ~13 more open slots.

I wish rookies were able to apply for it. Our season ended today but because we focused more on robot performance instead of chairman’s stuff we didn’t win RAS,wish there was a rookie robot performance award that advanced you to world’s.

We received our waitlist invite two days ago.

How do you know 28 teams have accepted and that 13 have accepted?

FIRST doesn’t publish a list of waitlist teams, so I basically assume that if a team is registered without earning a qualifying award that they got in off the waitlist. It gets a little difficult with district points teams, but it’s mostly accurate.

I keep an auto updating tracker of how teams qualify on my website: https://frc.divisions.co/qualification