Houston Champs Predictions!

Now that the 6 divisions for Houston are out, go ahead and hit me up with the boldest predictions you have to offer! Can be division-specific, Einstein-specific, or other!

I’ll begin!
The winning alliance from 1 of the 6 divisions will have an alliance captain and first pick whose team numbers sum to a number less than 2000.
The other 5 winning alliances will have a captain+first pick whose numbers sum to something greater than 2000.
The division with a sub-2000 sum will then win Einstein.

The winner of Hopper will include a team not from the United States.

There will be an alliance on hopper that is all Non-American Teams (has that ever happened before at worlds?)

First one that comes to mind is Archimedes 2012, alliance 2, 2056-1114-4334, an all Canadian alliance that also went to Einstein!

2056-1114-4334 in 2012 is one such example.

EDIT: Sniped!

118-1678-5012 wins Newton

2 PNW teams will make Einstein, with one of them making it to Einstein finals.

The winning alliance for Carver will have 1 PNW team.

One team will go undefeated in qualifications but lose in their divisional playoffs.

Districts typically weak at champs in previous years will have a stronger performance than any past year.

Winner of Houston will be from Carver or Newton

Winner of Houston to face the Poofs alliance of St. Louis at FoC

Predictions for Newton Division:

  1. 118 will not pick 1678 (or vice versa)
  2. 180 and 79 will play against each other again in playoffs in 3 matches
  3. A major upset will occur when a team fails to climb
  4. The winning alliance will consist of one team from the North or from outside the United States
  5. I will still be surprised at how quickly 180 hangs

First prediction I’ve seen where someone says 118 will not pick 1678.

Be patient, they’re coming

An alliance that is not capable of 40kPa will win Newton or Carver.

1678 makes it to Einstein.

My prediction for Newton:

118 will pick 1678 (or vice versa), both are A tier fuel bots (along with teams like 254, 971, 195, 1114, etc., only S tier team is 1986) that still have quality gear mechanisms. There will be a team that seeds low and is forgotten about with a very fast drive train and an incredible gear mechanism that they are able to pick up on their way to Einstien.

Turing will be won by an alliance with 2 rotor autonomous.

I’ll raise you one further and say that team is 2073.

An alliance focused on gears will beat an alliance which does 40kpa at division finals…

4613 and 3132 are going to team up in Hopper and win it.

Hopper does have both 4614, Barker Redbacks and 3132, Thunder Down Under so it may be a possibility.

The winning alliance is going to get 40kpa in auto, then focus on 4 rotors and a hang in teleop. That’s why 118 or 1678 won’t pick each other, they need a dedicated gear bot after they get the Kpa in auto