Houston here we come!

Team 470 won Leadership In Control today at Great Lakes Regional! Being an odd number team, we we are now qualified to nationals.

After a lot of hard work, smart thinking, and good engineering, our student designed, student built robot will be going to more than one regional!

Do to money contraints, we were only able to go to one regional GLR. We had to either win the competition, or pick up one of the designated awards. We won Leadership in Control for our glove drop/raise system for our wings. A snap of the finger and our wings will go up or down, depending on which hand I move.

With this award, and some hopeful additional sponsorship money… As our white board had said since January 4th:

“Get ready, we are going to Houston”

Congrats, we would of like to have gone to Houston but the Iraq war messed up our travel arrangements. Hope you guys do well.

Same reason 814 is going to Nationals! :smiley:
Congratumalations! See you in Houston!

since when is 470 an odd number?

I guess we will see you there

since when is 470 an odd number?

The same reason why 564 turned into an odd number. They won one of the top awards.:slight_smile:

Now, you guys do know there is a point system this year right? Just because you win a big award doesn’t mean your going. Unless I read it wrong.

Regional or Championship Divisional winner - 3 points
Regional or Championship Divisional finalist - 2 points
Regional Chairman’s Award winner - 3 points
FIRST-Judged Award winner at Regional or Championship Event - 2 points
Top Seed at Regional or Championship Event - 1 point
Top Rookie Seed at Regional or Championship Event - 1 point

You need 5 points in all

ok your right, I did read wrong sorry

The 5 point qualification is for the points that teams earned LAST year, not THIS year. The 5+ points you earn this year only help you out for next year, unless you got those points by being awarded a Technical Award, Chairman’s Award, or winning the regional.

Re-read the qualification rules.

For example, if a team goes to 2 regionals and wins the “Sportsmanship Award” at both and also wins a “special judges award”, that earns them 6 points… for next year. None of these awards qualify them for the Championships this year.

Andy B.