Houston Pit Map Lookup


Due to the randomization of the pits this year, it’ll be really hard to find teams. I made a spreadsheet for my team’s division and ended up expanding it to all divisions + a whole pit view.
Here are some screenshots and at the bottom is a link to the google sheet, just go to File->“Make a copy” and it’ll be free for you to edit.
Please let me know if there are any bugs or teams are missing or the map is wrong!

Feature 1 - Division Map: (Screenshot of Carver)

  1. Look up teams by typing anything next to their number on the right and it’ll highlight their pit location in yellow.
  2. Put in a match number and it’ll pull up all 6 teams, highlighting in their alliance color
    Feature 2 - Pit Map:
  3. Type in team numbers on the left, you can enter up to 13 teams at once, and it’ll highlight all of their pit locations.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yTvx2UVro1Dq1jf2VKfmOfkWvONZ-VcZQ4fbbOOosFw/edit?usp=sharing

Note: If you’re going to want to integrate the division map into a different google sheet (like 4944 is by adding it into our scouting app) you’ll want to copy over both the division map and the division match sheets. (Ex: If you want Newton, copy both the NewtonMap sheet and the NewtonMatches sheet)

  • Will Ness
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This is awesome, thank you so much. I want this for every event.

Brilliant. Please if its as simple as running a quick script to get the data when Detroit is released make a workbook for that too.

This is amazing…Thank you very much.

Looks good! How about Detroit?

As of now I’m planning to make one for Detroit. It should be easier to make than Houston’s since all the divisions are roughly the same shape.

This is great, thanks so much!
Don’t know if you’re looking for suggestions but adding a comment to each team number showing the team name and location would be cool.

This. Is. Awesome. Thank you so much!

@ Those looking for this for Detroit, someone already made one before I could get back from Houston :smiley: , plus it looks a lot better

Thanks for this.

[strike]Very well put together. I added one formula on my copy to High-Light our team in the Match Schedules. I Created a new Conditional Format to Range O2:T113. The Custom Formula is

=if(and(or(O2=$B$1), not(isblank(O2))),1,0)

and then set the cell color to Yellow. Now When I put 3244 in cell B1 our team is high-lighted.


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