Hover & Go-to-latest broken


Just a couple things, that I think broke a few weeks back and I just assumed it’d get fixed at some point, but they haven’t been:

  • Hovering over a title used to give you a preview of the post, which I found really useful. I know that it didn’t when the move to Discourse first happened, and then it got added, but now it seems to be gone again. Is it coming back?
  • On a list of threads, I used to be able to go to the last part of this by clicking on the number of replies, and then clicking the down arrow where it says the time of the last post. Now when I do that it seems to just go back to the home page. I often don’t bother logging into the site unless I’m going to post, so it’s a common way for me to see what’s latest. (Perhaps I should just always log in, though I’m often using different devices throughout a day and sometimes I just want to quickly see the latest post on something.)

Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10 in Pale Moon 28.4.0 and Chrome 72.0.3626.121, and tested on an old Kindle Fire Tablet (which is Android based) using Firefox Focus 8.0.6.


This part never worked for me … and the plugin author could never reproduce the issue. Is it working for anybody, still?

I was able to reproduce this … I will look into it.

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Over in the “Things you miss” thread, there’s a post Jan. 21 saying that hovering was working (and I remember it having been working around then for a while myself), and another post Feb. 25 that it’s not working (and I remember that time being around when I noticed it broken myself).

I just finally got tired of it enough to make a separate post myself about it; it hadn’t occurred to me that other people might have had different experiences with it working or not at different times.


I also never had this. Wasn’t even aware it got added.


Had it, lost it around same time. Am using Chrome, but i couldnt tell you what version i was running then cause im awful at staying up to date.

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I had hover preview before on Discourse but not anymore.

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Yes, Confirmed. Go to most recent post via the hover on the post count number and selecting time below dumps me back to home


It used to work for me here on CD, but stopped working a while back.

The mouseover preview is still working for me on vexforum.com


Look like this is due to the plugin we use for CD Media to show images. I’ve mentioned it to the author and hope to have a response soon.

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Thanks for looking into it. Not the biggest deal, just annoying. I appreciate all you do to keep this running!

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