How 3620 is rolling for 2012

After seeing these nifty press-fit hubs from West Coast Products, we decided on Colson Performa wheels. Since we want 8" diameter for our chassis set-up, it was necessary to add an outboard bearing holder, machined from a readily available Delrin plug. The WCP hub flange is tapped 10-32 thru to suit standard AM or IFI aluminum sprockets, and we are adapting 25 tooth 5mm pitch Gates timing pulleys to transfer power from the chain driven wheel to one on the other end of the chassis. The adapter uses an AM-0161 bearing hub – we pop the bearings out and press them into the WCP hub and our adapter to the support the wheel on a 3/8" bolt (dead axle), and press the rest of the '161 into the bored-out Gates pulley. You can see the result in the attached render.

The WCP hub pressed into the 8" Colson nicely with a little effort on our manual arbor.

Wheel Assembly Render.pdf (376 KB)

Wheel Assembly Render.pdf (376 KB)

looks great! West coast products is the jamz

Looks good! See you guys at Waterford again!!!

When I first looked at the render and saw the pulley and sprocket I thought “sort of like suspenders and belt for a robot isn’t it?”

A belt-and-suspenders approach seems like a good idea to me. :slight_smile:

Seriously, on each side we will drive one wheel using #35 chain from the gearbox, and transfer power to the other wheel using a timing belt. Four wheels on a wide chassis set-up.

(apologies for double-posting)

Here’s a shot of the wheel set-up.