How about writing, art etc.

engineering also has alot to do with that, i love to write is it even possible to find a scholarship out for that? Or anyone who is a publisher would like to see what I got?
I dont know i really love mechanical engineering, after one of my team coaches Joe johnson, Mike Aubrey, they are great people and are ME’s thats pretty inspriing anywhere i could go to mix the two?
ME & writing

A great place get information on available scholarships is FastWeb. Sign-up using your e-mail address, fill out a profile and FastWeb will show you scholarships that pertain to you, based on things like your location, GPA, interests, etc. You can choose to have scholarship info e-mailed to you as new scholarships become available.

I like engineering and writing as well … I wanted to go into something that kind of mixed both. Right now, I’m planning on majoring in scientific and technical communications (STC) at Michigan Technological University. If you want more information on STC, check out this site from MTU.

Hope this helps!

I was just looking at Purdue’s website under Interdisciplinary Engineering, and they have a discipline called Engineering Communiation. I don’t know what all that involves, but it’s got to have writing in there.
Also, fyi for everyone, there’s a discipline called Robotics, which includes Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

They also have Inventive Design Engr which combines art and engr.
I don’t think they list all the IDE degrees on that page.

I’m not trying to sell Purdue, but I’ve seen a number of threads asking about different options in Engineering. I’ll bet a lot of engr schools have this, if not more, variety.
Here’s a list of most of the engr degrees at PU.

There’s no law that says what you do has to be classified under “Engineering”
For example, Purdue has many other majors, including this one that I’m interested in - , just search around on various college’s websites. You’ll find something that grabs your eye if you look long enough :]

Amy, I don’t know if you remember me, I’m 461s coach, we met and talked for one of our rounds at GLR, anyways…
Amy is right, Purdue does offer a unique blend of classes through IDE. The downside to that is none of the majors through IDE are accredited majors. This means that the American Board of Engineering and Technology does not consider those majors accredited. Personally, I think it is extremely important that you graduate from an ABET Accredited program (for engineers). However, there are a lot of ways that you can persue engineering and some other sort of major as well, such as writing or arts. One of my roomies is in civil engineering and he has taken a bunch of technical communications writing classes. There are majors on campus that focus on technical communications through the communications department. This is what I would do if you are really passionate about writing and engineering. Just do both…as an engineer, I keep using Purdue as an example because I go here and know the setup and structure, you have to take various general education classes. This is a perfect place to take those writing type classes that interest you, or art, or whatever it may be. Personally, I have always loved biology, so all of my electives are biology classes. You could also go for the minor in english and get the best of two worlds. It all depends on how you want to do things. Having engineering as a major, there are alot of minors you can get, but it’s impossible, to my knowledge and in my oppionion not worth it, to major in english and get the minor in ME. Just my two cents.

Yeah, I’m looking at persuing a major in Technical/Professional writing. Before that I’m probably going to go to a more local college and get all of my required general eds out of the way. That’s what the school councelors are telling us to do. Get Gen. Eds out of the way, and then go on to your specialized degree. So I’m thinking of maybe going to Hope as an English major (because I talked with a Hope representative at a college fair who recommended “Get a lot of English under your belt”). So I’m probably going to do that, unless I decide I want to go to Spring Arbor University (which is close to home).

I’m doing Dual Enrollment taking some foreign language classes to go with the French I’m learning in school. Then I plan to go to a college and major in engineering and minor in music

I wanna become an advertising person/marketing. its kind of not related to engineering…but i am still thinking about becoing an electrical engineer or bio-medical eningeer.