How an elevator works?

I’m a new FRCer. My team is young and never makes an elevator.
I have read some data(such as 118) and analyze some pictures and CAD of elevators
but I’m still confused about elevators and wants to learn more.
I would appreciate it if someone would explain to me how it works and how it is designed

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Some great threads here on CD:

Search for Continuous and Cascade elevators.

Andymark sells a product and the cad is available:

Here is an elevator we designed that can travel up and down. Onshape

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Thank you, bro

For more context essentially elevators work by having the position where the length of material between the motor and the top of the assembly is the shortest as their maximum position, while gravity would obviously have the lowest position be the constant position if unrestrained by the material

I want to know something about how to wire each part and the details of the elevator going up.

Okay have you watched the 973 tutorials? Their the best resource on this for beginners IMHO

I know them and their videos are perfect.
I’m Chinese and it’s not easy for me to use YouTube smoothly and frequently
Can you recommend some of their videos on elevators?

Cascade 1-3 but if YouTube isn’t working well for you I could rip them and send them to you directly if that would work better for you

thank you. It’s very kind of you. I’d like to solve it on my own.

BiliBili should work better for you, right? Poking around i found this video that looks to be about elevators based on translating the title. I cant verify if the info from it is any good though, as its also in (I assume) Chinese.

I know a few teams have posted info like this on BiliBili based on trying to find Chinese offseason match footage using just “FRC” as the search term. You might have more luck with more proper search terms if you haven’t looked there already.

This post has the design process for a teams elevator. An Answer About Frc Elevators

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