How are division playoffs going to work?

How does it work with 6 divisions in the playoffs? Just curious…

Einstein playoffs aren’t a traditional bracket. They play a round robin tournament and the top two alliances go to finals. See section 11.9.4 in the game manual.


Your division plays playoffs just like normal. Then the winners from each division play in a round robin. The top 2 alliances put of that round robin play in Einstein finals to determine the world champion.

So, it’s going to be similar to like quals? Does it base off of RP for each alliance?

No RP. Ranking is based off of “championship points”. 2 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss. There are tiebreakers for the rankings starting with average hangar points.

Again, see 11.9.4 in the game manual

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Ah, gottcha, thanks!

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