How are G9/G10 fouls being called at your events?

In watching the mess of SF4 at SBPLI, ive noticed that theyre calling G9/G10 wildly differently than they were just days ago over at West Valley. at WV, any sort of extension over the line was met with an instant foul, while at SBPLI they seem to be waiting for the whole bot to cross over (yet calls G10 the moment of extension).


I find these differences concerning, especially for what is the same rule. Under WV foul calling (and ignoring the questionable card) the Blue alliance at SBPLI would of easily won SF4, going to a tiebreaker. How is G9/G10 being called at the events youre going to, and if you’ve gone to multiple, how different have they been?


Remember that G9/G10 was updated last week that if you are forced across the line, you have the opportunity to correct it.

Looking at the video you posted for SBPLI, I saw 2 instances where red was pushed across by blue and was not flagged. I saw one instance where red drove themselves partially across the line that was flagged. That looks correct based on the updated rules.


i felt as if our arm could cross the line but our drivetrain could not. When the arm was at the 90D and we were trying to get cargo in to the CS, it would be at 30inches beyond FP. The arm definitely had gone over the line but our drivebase would not. Didn’t get calls during Quals, did get a few during elims but those were my fault.

Sure. I ask you to look at this clip then, where red scores while being over the line, with full chance to move away beforehand.

These two rules tend to confuse folks quite a bit.

For G9, if you have any two robots with bumpers slightly across the line, the foul applies.

For G10, if the bumpers are entirely across the line and there is an extension at all beyond the frame perimeter, the foul applies.

In neither case does an extension over the line match the description in the rule. It doesn’t seem to be that you’re looking at update 18 and how that’s being applied.


At that point, I would agree it should be a foul. (I saw that same scenario at an event I was at last weekend that was called a foul.)

Watching the videos you reference, extension has nothing to do with the conversation. This is purely a G9 conversation rather than a G10.

For one video, this happened before the update. A second robot crossed. A foul was called.
For the other, this happened after the update. A robot was playing defense. A second was pushed. The ref made a judgement call. They didn’t rethink it when the robot scored without first establishing itself on its own side of the line.

They’re not really inconsistent. You’re looking at a replay where you have time to think and process. The individual there made a call, waved it safe, turned to watch another interaction, and didn’t see the robot didn’t make further attempts to cross the line. They didn’t have the benefit of replays you have.


Sure, ill concede there. i misread G9’s part to also be in G10.

Where i originally said G10 should of applied, G9 would instead since part of the bot’s bumpers is over.

All of this was week 4, after update 18. Mind telling me which event went back in time?

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