How are people keeping 775 connect on their motor?

We were wondering how people make sure that the 775 connect stays on the motor. We’ve had some trouble keeping a consistent connection so any tips would be appreciated

Are you talking about the Anderson Powerpole connectors? If so, try these.

I’m going to start out simple here, I assume you soldered the connection? That should be enough. If you did, make sure the solder properly adhered itself to the motor terminals and the pads on the PCB.

Edit: after reading Mr.R_2’s post, I’m specifically talking about the connection of the 775connect to the motor.

We had similar issues with the Connects. The solution that has worked for us is to actually flood solder through the contacts so it’s touching the tab on more surface area. If you just solder a “cap” over the top of the tab, they come off super easily. It seems like an excessive use of solder, but since we’ve switched to this style we haven’t had a single Connect come loose or even come close to falling off.

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