How are people scouting?

They were using google sheets and everyone was looking at the same doc remotely. Some other teams used a website that took down data.

We use Bluetooth.

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Did the event have a free wifi to use? thats actually something i forgot about, and while not totally common at all events, some will have venue wifi that you can use.

I don’t believe so, at least I wasn’t able to access any.

Our team is creating an app for our private use that will be on a local database. We hope to release it to everyone else next year also.


1678, and 2729 started using QR-codes, we have since followed suit and it is fairly effective. I can’t seem to find the white paper for 1678’s. could someone help me out?

paper + excel


Ditto! Paper,Excel and Highlighters and shorthand codes

Here is a link to their 2018 scouting system release. They discuss the QR code scanning idea in the linked whitepaper, and you can see the implementation through the GitHub links.

Team 230 used a homegrown solution the past few years that included a laptop running a web server and IP over bluetooth. It proved…adequate. This year we are trying to up the ante, but like everyone else, are struggling with the no wifi situation. We picked up some cheap Amazon Kindle Fire 8 inch tablets and plan to run Robot Scouter to do the data entry…why reinvent the wheel.
The next step is collecting it in an easy way. Back to IP over bluetooth. Either a bluetooth sync utility or custom python script to grab the files, parse them, and update the DB.
We all know, the real magic is how the data is presented, so we’re going to focus the lion’s share of our time in that area.
Has anyone come up with anything better than Bluetooth for a wireless transmission option?

Team 2067 switched to quantitative scouting using tablets and an app coded by the team last year and it worked out great. We would upload all the data into another team coded website which would sort and graph all the data. Typically uploading the data takes place after day one of the competition (if the competition is longer than 2 days then after each day consisting of only quals).

This year we are considering combing quantitative and qualitative data into the same system.

We’re exclusively pit scouting based off bumpers


So 2791 uses paper AND excel just to scout bumpers???


Another student is working on a scouting application in Java that has sorting capabilities. We will probably use that for quick scouting at the competition then we will use another scouting application that I made.

The scouting application I made is web based and polls data from TBA, parses useful data from a certain team’s matches, and then sorts that data and tells us which is the best.

Each application is able to sort and basically gives a different amount of points to each thing a team is able to do/has done. For instance: Team -1 has won 90 matches and lost 10. They’re autonomous worked 60 times and they’ve climbed 50 times. Each of those things are assigned a point value and then are sorted.

My team Team 2052, KnightKrawker has a scouting app, FRC Krawler, here that is free for anyone to use and we provide support and help anytime. The app uses 7 android phones and communicates using bluetooth so you can have a scout per robot. It also has a pit scouting option. It exports to a standard spreadsheet, and you can use/create your own metrics or use ours when we release them before week 1. Fell free to msg me or email for help/questions.


our team uses an app made by our friends at 4003 Trisonics. Local storage so none of that breaking rules nonsense. Just use android tablets and then plug them into a laptop and download the data as JSON and then parse them into a readable spreadsheet.

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Making an event-based scouting system with qrcodes: First Match Scouting System for 2019

We are planning to do the same this year, we’ll see how it goes

how else would we do it


Scout drive team heights, obviously.