How are teams tracking the target from far away?

So my team and I are trying to get the our limelight configured. We noticed that at competition it was struggling to target from far away and would only work when we’re closer. Any other time it would try and target a light or the big projector screen in the back during competition. I know we missed a lot of the field calibration at our event in dripping springs but we still have noticed this problem at our practice field. Any tips or solutions anyone has come up with to solve this solution?


The best option for you would probably be to use two different pipelines on your Limelight, one for when you are close to the target, and one for when you are more far away. Currently, since you have your pipeline calibrated to a target that is close to you, keep as a “ClosePipeline”. Then, for when you are further from the target, you can create a different pipeline, and use the 2x zoom feature on the limelight to calibrate to your target when it is further away. This will enable the limelight to get more of the target in it’s FOV, and you can calibrate your thresholding and such to that. For implementation in code, you can switch between pipelines based on how far you are from the target (which you can calculate with the limelight itself peep this link) and use basically the same aligning or velocity calculation code or whatever thing that you already have written. I hope that helps, and if you have any questions, ask away!


For the 2x zoom, is this something I’m setting when I configure the pipelines or is there a networktable api I’m not seeing?

It’s just when you configure the pipeline. You can set the resolution and frame rate in one of the drop-downs, and in there should be the 2x zoom.

Awesome! I’ll take a look at it when we have our next meeting. If I have anymore questions I’ll let you know. Thank you.

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Two pipelines is probably simplest as long as you only want to shoot from 2 locations (an ok strategy for this game). Once you get those figured out, with the right settings you can get a single pipeline to work near and far and everywhere in between.

I think for what we are doing, we will try and use one pipeline with the 2x zoom. Since our shooting range is between 17-23ft (which is where our camera was having problems tracking) I’ll try and configure it from that range because right now we have it between like 3-14ft. I didn’t know about the zoom feature on the camera so I’ll have to mess with that.

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