How are teams with GoPro's connecting them to their monitors?

We are using a GoPro for our camera pole. How are teams connecting them to their monitors? I am particularly interested if anyone found a method for switching between the GoPro and robot camera on their displays, such as connecting it through the computer. Thanks in advance!

Typically teams are using a micro HDMI to standard HDMI cable directly to a monitor with an HDMI input

We have a separate 27" monitor that only our go pro displays through. We plug the hdmi cord directly into the go pro from the monitor.

We bought a micro HDMI to regular HDMI adapter, and then a long HDMI cable.

The only way for GoPro’s to stream (other than wireless) is via HDMI, so I don’t think you are going to find a variety of answers.

We are using my 3rd monitor (in reality it’s a small TV with an HDMI input) that is drilled and screwed to the driver station board.

The monitor we use is too old to have an HDMI port so we have a total of six adapters/wires/extenders to go from micro HDMI to VGA including one that has to have a 5V DC Charger going to it or it won’t work.

If you have a monitor with a DVI input, you can adapt from HDMI directly to that with a single cable. HDMI and DVI are electrically equivalent for the video portion. I have a cable for my raspberry pi that is HDMI on one end and DVI on the other.

We wanted to use a GoPro since it had high quality but we couldn’t afford it as a team, but luckily one of our sponsors is letting us borrow their camera :slight_smile: . We bought a micro hdmi to HDMI cable, 10 feet long to run down our pole, then we will have another monitor, either a 19" or ~22". The only problem is we need to adapt from HDMI to DVI, which does anyone know of a cheap adapter that works? The cheapest on Amazon is like $30 from what I saw, and I could probably find an actual cable that length from HDMI to DVI.

Also, how are teams keeping their GoPro charged? Are you just plugging it in after the match or do you run a micro usb cable up your pole to charge it? $15 15ft HDMI to DVI Video only.

Do you know of any like adapter pieces? I just ordered a 10ft micro hdmi to HDMI so I would prefer not to order this, and find something I could plug directly into the monitor. Even if it may cost a little more, less connects to go wrong. Going this path, I would need the Micro HDMI to hdmi, then an HDMI to HDMI, then the HDMI to DVI cable.

We (I) bought a micro HDMI to regular HDMI adapter at Wal-Mart for $40.

Thanks for the help. I’ll try to figure out the best solution to setting up our camera.

I was wrong on the price: I found my receipt, it was 19.24 for the adapter, and then $20 for a long HDMI cable (because we forgot to bring any with us)

This was the item we bought:

HDMI to DVI adapters are ridiculously cheap at Monoprice :slight_smile:

On another note besides connecting their GoPros, how are teams connecting their monitor to their drivers station if they are using a separate monitor? I’m redesigning my team’s driver station and trying to figure out a way to secure it. But make it easy to remove if needed to.

While probably not the best solution, we have simply put Velcro on the base of the monitor and put it next to the driver station. It has not fallen yet and is easy to remove, but a bit annoying to setup.

Okay thank you. My team was considering attaching like a monitor mount but the only thing I don’t like about that is that it will take awhile to take the monitor off if we need to. I’m going to see if we can find an easier way.

Our driver station board is a piece of wood, so we put wood screws through the base of the monitor and attached it that way.

We used a USB monitor - operating in extended mode off our driver station. Most come with some sort of mount and they are very light. No need for a 2nd power supply and also works if you have an IP camera on the robot. Our USB robot camera went to the DS while the IP robot camera went to the USB monitor (in browser). 2 cameras - no extra programming:)

One more question, I know I should probably create a new forum but does anybody know if we could have a coach or human player raise our camera pole for us? We want to keep it down during Auto so 1) it doesn’t get hit by a robot’s not lined up shot and 2) if they ram the driver’s station, it doesn’t fall over. It’s on a telescoping pole so we will just need to slide it then turn a nob to lock it.

I mean, once it’s teleop, your team is free to do whatever they want with your driver station, so long as it stays within the limitations of space. Meaning, they can’t raise it past 11’ 8".

Also note that G14 and G15 have stipulations that you’re allowed to jump the line during Autonomous to save your driver station if it’s in danger. It’s not a foul, and you don’t need the a referee’s permission.