How are the FRC scene in your region doing going into 2022?

Now that the first event registrations are out, Im curious across the board how regions are doing? While the data is still not 100% complete, it does give a good indicator of which teams are returning and which appear not to be.

So, how is your region (city, state, country, whatever you classify “region” as for your team) appear to be doing?

Region Team Changes (based on first event registration data)
  • We’ve gained teams since 2020
  • We’ve had very little change since 2020
  • We’ve lost up to 25% of teams since 2020
  • We’ve lost between 25% to 50% of teams since 2020
  • We’ve lost more than half of the teams in our region since 2020

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I know the topic is a bit depressing to think about, but it does give some valuable insight across the board to how things appear to be doing.

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Chesapeake district registration comparison:

Year to year by region:

Currently at 75% of 2020 numbers but hoping that more teams come back as we get closer to kickoff. :grimacing:


So I was curious about this across the globe, used the frc-api to organize teams by region and compare them to their regions in 2020. I came to a few key outcomes:

1 note. These outcomes remove regions that had 5 or less teams in 2020.

  1. On average, regions are at 70% of the size they were in 2020. This has been going up every day, and the data I ran this morning is already outdated
  2. Mid size regions (with 50 to 100 teams) are enduring the pandemic the best, sitting at 75% their size in 2020
  3. Smaller and larger regions are hurting more, sitting at 63% and 65% respectively, at this time.

As for my specific region, I was very surprised to see that Wisconsin is actually one of the best enduring regions on the globe. If you ignore regions that have less than 15 teams in them, Wisconsin is actually #1, sitting at 59 teams in 2022 vs 61 in 2020, or 96.7% “retention”.

One caveat to this data is that it’s not truly retention but instead just a numbers comparison. Wisconsin also has 6 rookie teams this year that are definitely offsetting our losses.

Here are the top 20 according to my numbers (again, ignoring regions with 5 or less teams):



This is Interesting - İstanbul hasn’t held on as well, but Turkey as a whole is only 5 teams short of 2020 (which I’m quite sure we’ll surpass by Nov. 15th) and in fact we’ve added, for the first time, a third regional in Turkey to accommodate our teams, and the teams of our neighbors - being the only open regionals between like Eastern China and the Eastern US.

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By my count, MN is at 162 now, versus 224 pre-pandemic. That’s a 28% loss. I really hope that number improves - the last time the state was that small was the 2012 season - losing a decade of growth would really hurt.


Regards the unexpected crop of rookies in WI there is one unusual thing going on. There is a new team in Eau Claire. They’ve been several years getting organized, and we’ve helped 'em out a little. While gearing up for their first build/competition season THEY are helping another rookie team get going!

Very encouraging.


Iowa seems to be about the same, which was a bit surprising to me since the FRC scene here hasn’t seen a lot of growth since the state grants went away. I can only speculate as to why we’re staying stable, but I’m glad most of us have made it through to 2022.

Edit: Chart:
Based on the number of teams given to me in team and event search, which appears to include teams that didn’t fully register and thus never competed.

I wish there was a good way to measure competitive strength. I feel like a lot of returning teams lost talented members, mentors, facilities or sponsors since 2019/build season 2020 and that could change the level of play this season.

Also now that there’s competition happening again. I know in socal there is a wealth of offseason events and lots of teams are doing multiple events to get their stufents excited again so that should help get teams back up to speed quickly.


South Carolina has 20 at last check; they had 42 in 2020. South Carolina has some exacerbating factors; there was a near-complete leadership change in the state since March 1, 2020 (some timing, huh?), and the regional has moved across the state (about five hours by car).

I don’t know FIRST South Carolina’s targets, but if we’re in the 30s I’m going to call it a win all things considered.

Oklahoma looks like it has probably gone from 53 to 46 , +/- 2. And the Green Country Regional will debut in 2022 after the original debut was canceled in 2020, so we’ll have two regionals.

The biggest loss is 932 Circuit Chargers, who basically made FRC and FLL “go” here for over a decade. They qualified for Champs the last 13 years of their existence and earned 15 blue banners. They have lots of alumni and former mentors still hanging out and being awesome, though, so they are still with us in that way.


That’ll be a shame if they’ve left. We were near them at Smoky Mountains 2019, and they were one of the stoutest teams I’d never heard of. (I really wedged my foot in my mouth when I didn’t realize there were three WFAs in the building instead of two when talking to Andy Baker; while WFAs aren’t the type to flex, Lane Matheson went really under my radar.)


In Tennessee we have 23 teams showing registration on frc-events at the moment compared to 33-34 active teams in recent history. One of the 23 is a new rookie team. Most of the teams that are not showing a registered event after round 1 did not get to play in 2020 and did not participate in any 2021 IRAH competition.

Hoping a few of the missing teams are late to registration and will get at least one event on the schedule before the registration window closes for the season.

Team Name City 2020
547 Falcon Engineering And Robotics Fayetteville 0 2
1466 Webb Robotics Knoxville 0 3
2393 Robotichauns Knoxville 1 1
3140 Flagship Knoxville 1 0
3824 HVA RoHAWKtics Knoxville 1 2
3966 L&N STEMpunks Knoxville 1 2
3984 Topper Robotics Johnson City 0 2
4020 Cyber Tribe Kingsport 1 3
4265 Secret City Wildbots Oak Ridge 1 1
4306 Robokomodos Franklin 0 0
4462 Full Metal Jackets Kingston 0 0
4504 B. C. Robotics Maryville 0 0
4576 Red Nation Robotics Knoxville 1 3
4630 Robodragons Clinton 0 0
4764 The Memphis MechWarriors Memphis 1 0
4924 STEM Pythons Chattanooga 0 0
5002 Dragon Robotics Collierville 0 0
5005 RoboBucs Chattanooga 0 1
5022 Rat Rod Robotics Jonesborough 1 0
5045 SpartaBot Memphis 0 0
5186 Cybears Antioch 0 0
5744 RoboRunners Knoxville 0 1
6219 Cuttin’ Edge Robotics Blountville 0 0
6302 Red Armadillos Greeneville 0 1
6517 So-Kno Robo Knoxville 0 1
6846 MAGNETUDE Murfreesboro 0 0
6928 Blue Armadillos Greeneville 0 1
6937 McCallie Robotics Chattanooga 0 0
7313 SBA Talon Tech #7313 Cordova 0 0
7406 Ministry of Mechanics Cleveland 0 1
7525 Pioneers^2 Nashville 0 1
8026 Tennessee Robotics Club Murfreesboro 0 0
8413 CGLA Mustang Innovators Chattanooga 0 0
8792 The Collegiate School of Memphis Memphis na na

Not sure if the data is correct, but on the FIRST in Michigan website it looks like we 582 teams, may be to early to know if all teams actually compete this year.


I’m not plugged into a lot of local teams, but I’m sure that just about everywhere, it’s too early to tell. The SE LA/MS Gulf Coast area has had two off season events in recent years. Three were actually scheduled this year, though only one happened, and it had half the 2019 numbers (12 vs 25). It is unclear how much of this reduction was due to teams being unable/unwilling to attend the specific event, and how much due to teams being shut down. And we have no feedback from the (30-40?) teams in the area which competed in 2019 but have never attended an offseason event.

Was about to go look for this data. Thanks! I know Nashville metro area in particular hasn’t changed much (that is to say- we are continuing to have and incredibly small amount of FRC participation). FRC in TN seems to be centralized in Knoxville. Losing the possibility of a Memphis event also doesn’t help.

7525 is pulling from 3 different high schools though, and is looking to really boost the FRC experience out here in Nashville metro. We’ll see where we go!

Pioneers^3 ???


Brb texting the students to see if they’re up for a rebrand.

Real talk: there’s a decent chance we see some sort of name change. We’re doing a general brand overhaul right now, and the name Pioneers^2 is a reference to a VEX team that some of the founding seniors were on in 2017. None of the other students have any connection to it, and the freshmen then (who are seniors now) didn’t really get input on that name. Plus it is the opposite of “rolls of the tongue”.

I was about to hit send but a student got to me first: image

I counted 13 local KC teams that were active in 2020 and don’t have an event this year. Don’t have exact number of teams that did compete then (~70) but it is approaching 20%.

I counted 7 teams disbanding from 2018 to 2020, so the last two years are not quite double the attrition.

I know some teams probably are just slow to register. That is a reason that the RD holds back spots, so I fully expect some of these teams to return. In that scenario, attrition might look very similar to pre-pandemic levels. Certainly not great, but not catastrophic.

The losses in experience across all levels still might be noticeable. From experienced students, mentors, volunteers or others, we will see how much losses we’ve had.

Teams unregistered for 2022 from 2020:
938, 1763, 1777, 2164, 2335, 2345, 2353, 3172, 4959, 5082, 5968, 6886, 8004

Earlier attrition 2018-2020:
1737, 2167, 2346, 2874, 3485, 3528, 6976

So I am going to look at all of Florida not just the south.

As of right now at my last count we are at 70 teams and had 93 registered for 2020. 75% is a lot better than many people were expecting honestly, and puts us at our 2016 registered team numbers. We did have 74 teams signed up for the 2021 season and the Orlando Regional is already on waitlist so some teams may pop up during second event registration since South Florida is at 18/49 slots and the new Tallahassee regional is at 11/23 slots.

So for Florida I can split he missing teams into 3 groups.

Teams who may be hiding in the Orlando waitlist:
86, 945, 1065, 1251, 1649, 2425, 5557, 5753, 5842, and 7193
All these teams are Orlando regulars who do not appear anywhere else.
5557 and 5842 were in attendance at the Roboticon Offseason.
86, 2425, 5842, and 7193 all registered for 2021.
So the only teams who have been MIA since March of 2020 are: 945, 1065, 1251, 1649, and 5753

The following are not regulars at Orlando and have not appeared:
4179, 5329, 5616, 7519, 7774, 7833, 8279, 8292, and 8428.
4179, 5616, 7774, and 8292 all did register for 2021
So the teams who have been MIA since March of 2020 are: 5329, 5616, 7519, 7833 and the rookies 8279, and 8428.

The final group takes a bit of explaining. There is a nonprofit based in south Florida that specializes in after school community STEM programs called TechGarage. There are quite a few Florida teams who were based out of this program. Based on what I can see their website has been updated since March of 2020, nor has their social medias and none of the teams associated have registered for 2022:
5949, 7107, 7152, 7408, 7409, 7487, 7488, 7489, 7490, 8134, and 8186.
5949, 7107, 7152, 7408, 7409, and 7489 all registered for 2021.
Meaning 7487, 7488, 7490 and the rookies 8134, and 8186 are the ones who have been MIA since March of 2020.

So Florida is in a bit of an odd spot, when all is said and done I expect us to be at 75-80 teams or 80-86% of our 2020 numbers. Which is still only our 2018 total teams but is not unfeasible to rebuild

FIN currently has 53 teams registered for events; in 2021 there were 58 active teams. This 8.6% drop appears to be relatively better than many regions around the world. Kudos to strong leadership on individual teams and in FIN administration for keeping everybody well supported.

It probably should be noted that at least two of the five “lost” teams shifted to FTC or VRC, which may in the long run be more appropriate for them. Remember, as a wise man once said, it’s not pie.