How Are The Rookies Doing

I am a rookie this year. I am on team 1636 reds robotics we placed 3rd in pre quals but we lost in the semi finals we had the highest scoring average out of all teams we won the motorola quality award and the highest rookie seed award i thought that wasnt to dang bad. How are other rookies out there at regionals doing? :slight_smile:

1646 had a late start as everyone has probably heard about by now, but we’re really doing well

Boilermaker Regional Rookie All Star
27th Seed (4-6)

Midwest Regional Rookie Highest Seed
8th Seed (Bumped to 6th Seed in alliance selections) 6-4 Record

Hopefully we’ll see everyone in Atlanta

1675 went 4-6 and seeded 24th at Midwest while winning the Rookie All-Star award. Hopefully we can match 1646’s improvements down in Atlanta.


cool i am sort of bummed out that we didnt win the rookie all star award and get to go to nationals some little wooden box robot got it and they didnt do good at all or get picked for finals you would think that since my team won the quality award and top seeded rookie we would of got the all star award but what can i do other than make up for it next year