How are we doing as a rookie team?

Honest opinion-- How do you think we are doing as a rookie team? We have all mechanical and electrical components completed except we fried one encoder and didn’t space the other so we need to bring some to competition. We have all the programming written and it works (except the encoder parts cuz they’re unexecutable). We have the axis camera set up to support our drivers picking up balls. We have the kinect being set up to check if it can track us (even though we are sure our autonomous will execute as needed)

If you could provide more information (video works great), than it’d be easier to answer. IMO, from what I’ve read, you’ve been doing pretty well, but I can’t say for certain without seeing a bot.

we can’t exactly do a video because we cant shoot right without the encoders lol It’s guessing and checking right now. we didn’t know the encoders needed spacing. Stupid things rested on screws -.-

But you could show a video of the robot doing it’s other things, like driving around, getting balls, trying to shoot, etc.

If your robot isn’t 30 lbs overweight, you’re doing better than we did our rookie year :wink:

lol thanks. well I dont have videos at the moment, I’m too lazy to rip them off my phone and I’m working on the kinect. Which for some reason has all the updates and its working in the bin/skeletal viewer but not registering in the drivers station. But anyways, we actually weigh 69 pounds

What? Did I read that correctly? Are you only a driving base? Are you only a stack of batteries? How do you get a robot only 69 pounds!!! :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

Oh my that thing looks dangerous!

It is kind of difficult to judge because some rookies have various backgrounds that can give them a leg up in the season.

However, if your team has a functional robot and learned a lot over the season, that is a success in my book. Based on what you have told us, I would consider your team to be above average. The experience that your team has at the competition, and how you apply the knowledge can be used to your advantage so you can be better the next year. :slight_smile:

lol yeah 69 pounds. Pure aluminum. And it isn’t as dangerous because that’s running at full power which mathematically says it’s 1300 RPM. (Which it might not be)

Also, We have no one on our team ever being involved in FIRST. We only have 2 engineer mentors, a physics teacher, a machine shop employee mentor, and good work ethic :slight_smile:

-lol work ethic for me means robotics from 1:30pm after school to midnight each night… @.@

oh and yeah, that thing has a cage and everything now. And still only 69 pounds :slight_smile: that thing without the cage was probably around < 30 pounds

And thanks for all the support!

With dedication like that, I predict great success in your near future. Motivation and dedication can do wonders together.

The real question is, how are you guys doing in terms of developing a good presentation for the Rookie All-Star award? (the equivalent of the Chairman’s award, the most coveted award in all of FIRST, for rookies).

what is that?.. lol

It’s what you should have been going for this whole time. It’s the best award a rookie team can receive, and you only have one shot to get it. If you haven’t already, I’d seriously put time into researching it and getting as far ahead as possible.

Here’s your start:

Now you do the rest.