How are your scouters handling difficult sight lines?

We are going to test our scouting app at FiM St Joe tomorrow. I’m curious how scouts have been able to handle tracking robots behind cargo ships, and other difficult-to-see parts of the field. Has it been OK? Any words of advice?

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I’ll let you know tomorrow!


So many of my scouts decide to actually move position depending on who they are scouting, so they likely will go down from the stands and stand behind the guard rails (not the field ones) and they just scout from there. it kind of convenient since the cargo ship from that angle is somewhat see through.

This game in general is a pain to scout, just cause the limited view of the field.


We are working with FIRST Long Island and one of their sponsors to run Zebra’s Dart system at SBPLI 1 and SBPLI 2. That should take away some of the scouting pains of not being able to see the robots since there will be location related data for all robots available to everyone at the event.

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I was thinking along similar lines; after all, the back of the rocket is transparent.

Has anybody been able to get good video of a stand perspective looking at the field? A lot of the videos that I’ve seen are bird’s eye or following a certain robot, which isn’t as helpful.

The view from the side up high allows you to see all scores, its the view from the player stations that is challenging, scouts may miss Defense plays on far side

Sitting in the middle works pretty well.

Our scouts didn’t seem to have difficulty, but they were sitting in the front row, so I’m not sure how that affected it. Watching the camera stream that was provided was pretty helpful too.

Our scouts had some difficulty seeing from where we sat, about 5-6 bleacher rows up, so our next competition we are hoping that we can go up to the top of the bleachers

Staying at home and watching the stream from the couch. Or watching the stream from the bleachers at the event.

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