How assertive can you be when dealing with incorrect volunteers?

By doing this, you may be giving the volunteer the message that they are not to be trusted. It may be better to have some other person stand nearby with a notepad and something to write with since that is less confrontational.

I think it would look bad if they put on the camera while walking to the question box, but I don’t think it’s too uncommon for a member of the drive team to have a body cam recording for “behind-the-glass” montages or drive team training material. If they simply left that camera rolling then I wouldn’t see anything sketchy about it.
Having someone within earshot (which with how loud they usually play the music would probably have to be very close) transcribing the Head Ref I think would be even more eyebrow raising.

It really depends somewhat on the HR, too. If you get a strict stickler, that person within earshot will be gone in a heartbeat (ONE student is the rule). If you get someone who’s a little more relaxed, you could probably have a second person there to verify/take notes. Maybe have the person who goes to the box taking notes.

The thing is that the less stickler refs aren’t usually the ones that people want body cameras for…

If I was going to make a suggestion it would be to have a notepad and pen on the robot cart. If someone needs to make a note of something–robot issue, HR conversation, field interaction–it goes on the notepad; HR conversation takes priority for having the pad because usually the robot’s going back to the pits.