How autonomous can we be?

During the teleoperated period, how automatic can our arm be? If we had preset positions that is could move to with one button press, would that be ok, or would we have to control it with a joystick-like apparatus?

The only restrictions you have is that the robot has to operate autonomously during the autonomous period of the match. After that it can either operate autonomously, under operator control, or both, depending on your preference. If you wanted, you could even press a button, step back, and watch the robot do its thing. :cool:


Closed-loop programming is not only allowed, it might even be gasp encouraged!:ahh:



Yes, closed-loop programming is definately allowed during the teleoperated period.

For all I care, you could be autonomous throughout the round. Not sure I’d go that road, but nothing prohibits it.

To push the point, if your robot acted autonomously throughout the match, and was moderately effective, most people would be extremely amazed and impressed with your accomplishment. Hopefully it will still be a few years before FIRST makes this a game requirement!

Teams do this all the time, if the software/hardware is accurate enough to do so. Wildstang has used some form of auto operation almost every year depending on the game requirements.

This question made me think an interesting game concept in the future might be to have autonomous mode happen halfway through or at the END of the game. Why must it be at the beginning?

It is still at the beginning to give teams with less programming experience a chance, if all else fails you can still do dead reckoning. While an autonomous endgame would be cool it would be significantly more difficult, keep in mind other than orienting your self on the field you also need to avoid partners who are probably trying to do the same thing you are.

That helped define what our teams wants to do. Thanks for the confermation! :smiley:

As has been said be automated as you want. The more the better. if your code is particularly effective and well automated you can expect some innovation awards from that too.