How be you're grammer?

Take the grammar quiz, see how well you know the English language:

I got 8/10 correct.

Easy schtuff… 10/10

I’ve been studying for PSAT, SAT, and SAT II writing last few days so that Encarta quiz was fairly ez.

I got a 9/10

I guess taking that advanced english class last year did help even though i didnt do very good in it…

Umm… 6/10 (I hate English [class])


My grammar is upstairs takin’ a bath.


We did NO grammer this year in english. We didn’t take any tests. We almost never had homework. I was in the hardest english class for my grade. I had the coolest teacher ever. This year, english ROCKED :smiley:

I’ve always tuned out grammer… pssst :wink:

3/10 as in the ones wrong right? Huh? whatever. I give up. I’ll try again later.

(I got an A in the class this year so I am not worried.)

9/10 for me. Of course, I took AP English last year, and I got about 750 on the verbal section of the SAT, so that kind of stuff is pretty easy to me.

90% Argh, lay, lie, lied, laid argh.

*Originally posted by tatsak42 *
**90% Argh, lay, lie, lied, laid argh. **

Ditto that.

I love the subjunctive.

Heh, I’m taking English 11 over the summer and that starts tomorrow…

If I get Mr Asklar (my eng 10 teach this previous year) that’d be soooo cool. Kristen, it’d be an honor for you to get into his class next year. I hope you didn’t sign up for combined! Btw, who did you have this year?

10/10 But then, I majored in English.


and despite the belief of someone who shall remain nameless, I did not minor in how to annoy people.

You got 4/10 correct.

Forget english - just give me some math problems and I’ll put the English subject to shame! :smiley:

I r done decent. 9/10 :wink:

I guess 2 years at Clarkson has dulled my edge a little.



9/10 for me… and i still hate english



and i’m in dumb english (well, i was…'til i graduated…)

i don’t think i did to bad…badly?..awfully?..aarrrggghhhh…