How big is your flag?

So we’re in the hunt for a new flag. Our current one is a XXL T-shirt taped to a dowel :frowning:

How big is your team’s / the average team’s flag?


About 40" long, 30" tall. I think.

See previous thread for further details.
That being said, it really can be any size you want, just make sure that it’s not too unwieldly for the MC to wave/hold while during introductions. It’s a really tiring job the bigger the flags get!

As someone who volunteered as an assistant MC at Inland Empire this year, I wholeheartedly second this. Additionally if you’re going to add other things onto your flag, be conscious of how much they will way when extended all the way. 5136’s Flag is way heavier than it looks. :frowning: Not that it wasn’t totally cool though!

the biggest flag I have seen is FRC 1585 Holz’s Army. It was about 4 feet by 8 feet on a 10 foot pole! It was insane!

So what I’ve gathered is 3’x5’ is the “right” size for a team flag. Does this seem unwieldly to anyone?

Also, is there a “best” material for said flag?


If it’s not an obnoxious size or weight you’ll be fine with pretty much anything.

The team with the smallest flag at our event had “literally the heaviest flag I have ever waved” (an approximate quote of our MC)… I think it was entirely duct tape…

365 has a pretty large flag.

If you’re talking about the flag that I think you’re talking about, it wasn’t the duct tape that made it heavy, it was the steel pipe used as the flag pole.

is there a good cheap way to get a flag printed. if not whats a good materical to stensil spray our logo and team number on

Try asking around with team moms first; odds are one of them can do some sort or seamstress work and sew some numbers on. In previous years, how have you done your bumpers?

We painted our bumpers our selves. And we don’t have any team mom’s.

One team at the Milwaukee regional last year had a little pink flag that workers put in the ground to mark electric lines. It was awsome.

Don’t feel bad about your flag.

Team 125 in all their glory was reduced to using a potato on a stick as their flag as they couldn’t afford fabric (and they had to borrow the stick). Some kind soul donated an eggplant to replace the potato and create a slightly higher class flag.

What is that supposed to mean? Do none of your students have mothers? (I don’t intend to be insensitive; if your team is composed of orphans, I apologize.)

Does anyone have an image of 125’s potato / eggplant flag? Thanks.

And Adam, how dare you offend us like that. You neglected to mention that the potato had a strap.

uhhhh… strap?


No but we never really have involved parents in the club for the years I’ve been in it. The parents barely even come to the competition.