How can I program vision on the Raspberry Pi?

Our team integrated vision into our robot code this year with quite decent results, but it’s too slow to run on the RoboRIO. So we got a Raspberry Pi board and got the FRC Image installed, but we don’t know how to write a vision program to run on the Pi.

I’ve tried porting the code from the robot program to the Pipeline class of the example, it doesn’t work. I generated some sample code from GRIP and put it into the example file and it’s still not working. So, how can I write a Pi vision program?

Thanks in advance.

I would like to recommend you chicken vision which we love.


I’ve tried that and it does indeed work, but this is our first year using vision and our programming team worked very hard on programming and tuning the vision system, so it would be kind of a bummer if their work gets replaced by another program.

What exactly do you mean by “it doesn’t work”?

What I meant by then was that the stream didn’t start up after loading the .jar file. I later found out that the way I built the .jar file was wrong, and I got it working now.

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