How can I "tape delay" the Championship webcast?

Is it possible to “tape delay” the Championship webcast?

We are planning to have a Championship viewing party in order to introduce parents, students, and potential sponsors of a rookie team we are trying to start to FIRST.

Being on the west coast makes the championship schedule a little early and it would be great if we could delay it a few hours.

All ideas are welcome…

If you have NASA TV and DVR you are all set.

Otherwise here are instructions on how to record a webstream with VLC Stop and Start (creating new file) as needed to watch the old file. I’d recommend separate recording and viewing computer so you can check the live recording is going ok while others are watching the time shifted one.

Thanks for the quick response Brian, you’re awesome!

One possible hiccup is that NASA has been using a flash player for some events rather than a simple mms stream. It is a nice professional player but harder to record. I know how to save flash vids from Youtube etc… with browser plugins like RealPlayer downloader but I dont know how it would handle a continuous stream. You could use a screen/desktop recorder but I dont have any free ones to recommend. Any one have recommendations?

Are you going to be looking at certain divisions? Because the division webcasts are the ones that might use the flash player. NASATV Education Channel is available as a mms stream. Just go to the site, right click the player and copy the stream link to VLC. I am not sure about NASATV’s exact schedule but it might not include the Thurs afternoon matches etc… Watch out if the elims run over the scheduled time :rolleyes:

Windows 7 Media Center works great for time shifting, but I’m not exactly sure how you’d get a web stream into it, as it’s more intended for a tuner device. For XP, MediaPortal may be an option for you. Neither of these is going to be simple to set up really, but that’s as far as my limited experience with these things goes.

NASA TV has Friday and Saturday (9AM-5PM EDT), unfortunately that is not an option since they have no TV service. Looks like it is recording the webcasts. Any of the divisions will be fine, and Einstein would be the best.

Thanks for all your help!