How can we reduce the lag for camera?

We have a huge lag for camera during the vision processing, how can we reduce it?

Can you give more information about how much lag, how you are doing processing, etc?

Greg McKaskle

Quick solutions:

  • Always plug the camera into your robot’s bridge.
  • Reduce resolution to 320x240
  • Reduce color depth
  • Set exposure priority to framerate
  • Increase compression

It has about 3 seconds lag. We are using a code we found online that only attracts one color and calculates the distance between the object and the robot. There was no lag before we use the code, but it has like a 3 second delay after we apply the code. Is it because there are too many calculations going on or something?

Everying is okay before we do any processing to the image.

Without information, I can give general guidance, but it is hard to be specific.

Perhaps you even want to post the code.

Greg McKaskle