How can you save the camera image

I want to make the dashboard save the entire match in the form of a video file or something along the lines of that. How would I go about doing this? I tried the built in storage functions and those did not work due to “connecting two different data types.”

The dashboard currently saves a image per second up to sixty images during the match, and of course the images are the ones from the robot camera.

It is quite easy to extend the time to the whole match and increate the rate it stores them.

The other option is to store this info on the robot. The better way of doing this is to store the compressed image that comes from the camera. There is an icon in the WPI camera palette called Get Image Data String. It will be easier to wire to fie i/O.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks. I was thinking about using the avi stuff but haven’t got time on the robot to test it. If that fails I’ll try that.

The AVI files will not work on the cRIO. They use MS Windows DLLs to produce the file, and none of that exists on the cRIO. So, you should be able to use them on the DB. The benefit is that you can view it in a viewer. The downside is when you want to measure something to improve the robot, you now have another layer of noise from compressing, decompressing, then compressing into another form.

Greg McKaskle

avi was not working on the db for me so I extended the number of images saved to 1 image every second for 220 images for the entire match.