How can you use Blockly without the phone for the drive station and robot controller

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) our team is quarantined. I was just wondering if I could program using Blockly without having access to 2 Android phone. I don’t need to run or test the code, I just want to learn and familiarize myself with it. I’ve tried emulate 2 phones using Bluestacks 4 Emulator but haven’t had any luck, if there are any other emulators that have worked for you please let me. Same goes for any other solutions

Team 15408 Odyssey Squad

Since I don’t use Blockly, I can’t say for sure, but I’m leaning on the side of no.
Mind me asking what your goals are for programming during this time? Is it to just work on robot code? Is it to learn how to code robots better? Is it to learn how to code better in general?
Depending on your goals, we might be able to find alternate methods of achieving them without blockly.

My purpose is to just explore the interface and make sense of how to use it, I don’t need to program a robot at this time. But you make a good point that I don’t necessarily need to use Blockly I could explore other method. Hope you can help. Thanks