How Close are you to done?

Since our team is done with everything but autonomus, i just wanna see how other people did.

if you please would give feedback on why you are at your certain point in the build.

well, we drive, and the hopper’s pretty much ready to be bolted on. Looks like we’re either going to have to scrap the shooter or do that part at competition

we messed up? well… we are trying to do more than i think we can handle…

Hmm… We’ve got everything working laid out… But we still need to actually build the thing. :smiley:

Machining and welding should be wrapping up tomorrow night. Then, we have to assembly and wire everything.

EDIT. omg, we’re screwed. I just found out that our gears were machined wrong, and the shifting dogs won’t fit in as lossely as they should. This is bad.
EDIT2. with a little filing, a little grease, and a little more air pressure, it should be okay. And the programmers will enjoy the minimized backlash.

Its definitly an advantage to the team when your school has a state of the art welding and machining lab, a cad lab with a 3D printer, and students who know how to utilize the equiptment, and teachers who believe in FIRST. it makes meeting ship date much easier, and your robot more efficient.

I suspect we will finish on Sunday… :slight_smile:

sorry to hear that. we had a mistake like that with our launcher, but we found that out early enough to remedy it. Looks like you’ll be using at least part of your 25 lbs of fabricated parts to competition.

Will the KOP transmission fit? There are much worse things in the world…

i have always wonder… are there actual high schools that have such labs? O_O and they offer courses on using these? O_O… if so… what high school and what state… I WANNA TRANSFER! lol

90-100, building the robot only needed some last twiking and the shielding for our firing mechanism

programing is at 10% though, they got the cannon working and the robot drives (sort of) but no autonemous, I hope they make it, they start their work tomorrow

Being done is a state of mind which only occurs after winning nationals…But we’re close to finishing the robot, everything is designed and most is already assembled into sub-components but its the putting everything together part, probably finished sat night or sunday after we make sure it’ll meet weight

1023 is coming along. We have our unveiling tonight and plan to spend the rest of the season practicing, programming, and fine tuning. We set last Sunday as the last day for any major changes to the robot. We are just under weight and things are looking pretty good, assuming nothing breaks.

i have always wonder… are there actual high schools that have such labs? O_O and they offer courses on using these? O_O… if so… what high school and what state… I WANNA TRANSFER! lol

At 1251’s highschool Atlantic Technical Center Magnet Highschool we have a full machine shop with a few CAD machines and a full welding shop, the highschool is a technical highschool and offers courses in both areas along with many different varieties of courses from nursing to webdesign.

O and were about 70-80% done, we have our shooter on 2 out of 3 gearboxes built, and all we really need to do now is get our hopper welded on along with our ball collector

The drive train is complete…well, sort of, we are going to put lower low-speed gears on tonight or tomorrow…

The pickup system works beautifully, and our hopper is taped together, ready for construction tonight…

I don’t know about autonomous, for I’ve been busy with the hopper lately, but I reckon that we’ll be alright there…

All in all, we should be finished building tomorrow night, then we can move on to drive team selection/training…using last year’s main driver, I reckon, new co-pilot, though…

Also, on that drivetrain of ours, we had some trouble with handle-ability, so we slowed the motors (4 CIMs) down to half torque… and the thing would still push me (210 lbs) around in a regular desk chair (the kind without wheels)!
Yes, when we get the new gears in, we will turn the motors back up to full torque. :smiley:

its looking like #340 is going have an all-nighter or two this weekend :ahh:

Yea, the school i attended in High School, Oakland Schools Technical Campus NE, in Pontiac Michigan has all that stuff, and then some. We take it for granted

The school I attend (Keene High School) has a vocational center for the county attached to it, it has a full CAD lab (20 machines capable of running Inventor 10) and a full machine shop. It is a great resource. As for our robot, day by day new pieces get attached, and I hope to have most everything on tommorow . We finished the Omni drive tonight, and let me say, it kicks major butt. :smiley: If you are at BAE or Boston this year, you will see us in action.

WE ARE REALLY FAR BEHIND!!! I voted for the 20-29% area and this is true. We have a running drive base and a prototype shooter. Thats it. We have designer the rest, but havn’t even started to build it yet. I see us working on the robot until Tuesday at Midnight and then finishing the wireing part or some other parts when we get the Las Vegas. I need some sleep!!! :ahh:

Team Driver/Designer

you actually have… till tuesday, whenever the FedEx driver gets to your pick up local.