How consistent is your human player?

At competition, how has your human player been doing? Also, is there only one human player per alliance? Any other information or stats on human players would be greatly appreciated!

Human players don’t seem to be doing a whole lot, can’t think of many (any?) bots using them as a station to get fed balls like the game demo videos suggested.

Likely because the everybot can pick up cargo on its own, so just about any bot that can handle cargo can pick it up themselves.

Where they do seem to get used a bit more:

  • Feeding a ball during auto: success of this seems very tied to how good your intake is and how well they can time the push. You also run the risk of a penalty if their hands extend too far into the cargo area. (IMHO unless you can consistently get the bot to pick the ball up I’m not sure it outweighs the penalty risk)
  • Hail Mary shot at the hub in auto: it’s notable when one goes in, so I think that tells you how ‘consistent’ it is.

When I was at Heartland, a surprising number of human players hit in and around the hub (when they were targeting it.) However, for my team’s human player, while he did get a good amount in the hub, only one or two didn’t bounce out. So it looks like the human players are having just as much difficulty that the robots are.

honestly I kind of wish that the rules allowed human players to score the entire match using any balls delivered to them. We still wouldn’t see much scoring from human players, as the only balls they would have access to would be the ones delivered to them, but maybe you’d see a desperate low goal scorer spot some balls over to a human player for some long range shots, and that might be cool every once in awhile. Kind of like the opposite piece flow of 2009


Our human player has been extremely consistent. He’s made every shot he’s taken.
So, yes, he has consistently done nothing each round.


Our human player has turned into a spotter for our drive team. His sole purpose is to be placed on the opposite side of the field and let the drivers know how many cargo are static on the opposite side of the hub. It helps our drivers to not tunnel vision as much on the near side of the field.


Saw a team doing that at Waterloo 2 this weekend. Makes a lot of sense - so much cargo gets hidden in the hub’s ‘shadow’ and starves teams artificially. Even just to signal to the drive team(s) to sweep through and knock stuff back towards the side so they can see it again.


Ours shot about 50% in our first event. We only ever worked with a couple teams with 5 ball autos so FIRE AWAY!

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I am human player for my team. I made 2 at our competition and have had a lot of bounce-outs. It seems like majority of human player shots (and a lot of robots too) bounce out of the high goal. Very few good bots use the feeder station. The human player’s most useful role seems to be helping drivers line up or know where cargo is if they can’t see it. I’ve also seen a team (1825) have the human player roll the ball into their intake during auto, giving them a somewhat consistent 5-ball auto depending on if he times it right.

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