How deep is the tapped 8-32 hole in the standard falcon 500 motor shaft?

Title. cant find the spec anywhere in the documentation. Thanks!

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Looks like it’s tapped 1/2" deep. It’s possible that it’s only been drilled that deep and tapped to slightly less, so planning on 3/8" deep taps is probably very safe.


I don’t remember how deep it is but I do remember we had to buy special bolts that were the right length that cost ~$1 a piece. They were a little bit of a pain to find.

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What for? It’s tapped deep enough that you could easily get 1/4"-3/8" thread depth with any common hardware store screw. Unless the drawing is mistaken, in which case that’s a real problem.


For example, if the end of the shaft is going to be accessible, we recommend using a #8-32 x 1/2” Star Drive Screw (P/N 276-4992). However, if the end of the shaft isn’t accessible, we recommend using a hex head screw (McMaster-Carr P/N 97763A177).

From the User Guide, page 28. The McMaster is a 3/8" long screw, $3.84 for 50. The VEX P/N is 1/2", $5.49 for 100 (and there are other options as well).


Git er done.

I know, you can’t do this in the pits…

Maybe this.

Maybe sticking with @EricH suggestion would be best

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It might be a good idea to call VEX and ask how the hole is tapped. Most taps are tapered so they start more easily/properly. For blind holes, they are supposed to follow up with a finishing tap (or bottoming tap). If VEX says it should be threaded to 1/2" deep and it isn’t (i.e. a screw jams before getting 1/2" in), it may be a QC issue and they would want to know about it.


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