How Did I do? (PARC Announcing..)

Well The PARC VII has come and gone, we had good times, we had bad times, and overall it was a great competition. This was also my first time at being the play by play announcer (thanks to team 222 for giving me the oppritunity!), I was just wondering: how did I do? If you don’t already know, I announced all the matches from after lunch until the allaince selections. I took peoples advice and began my path towards becoming a regional announcer by announcing here. Any feedback of comments would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. For those teams hosting their own off season competitions, if you would like an announcer, I’d be more than willing to share the load!

I htough you did an excellent job as anouncer.
BTW I was the one who sat at the laptop at the control table, capturing the event in wmv. :cool:

You were awesome George. You did just fine. Good Job

I thought you were doing a great job! Just a note for the future, I saw for a while that you had a paper - perhaps a list of teams (names, sponsors, location, etc?) depending on how long you have been in the program, you will soon come to learn all of these by heart, and just talk about the teams. Be natural, have fun! You did a good job!

I thought you did a great job.

yeah, george, great great job. You kept the flow going, and specifically described what was going on, on the field…slowly workin ur way to the BIG TIME

George, I wasn’t there but a word to the wise, don’t ever give up on using your piece of paper. I have been announcing for 3 years, and been the announcer for 10 regionals or championships. There are so many teams and so many changes that it becomes easy to forget something during competitions. Ashley is right about the fact you get to know teams. I have teams that I know real well. I think that some teams have adopted me as one of their own (Team 48 even wanted me in their team pic - I was honored). I will tell you thought that after you announce 80 matches on the first day of comp that you tend to mix up some of the names and teams. I personally would never announce without my little piece of paper. If and when you decide you would like to announce at Championship, You will be looking at 95+ matches day one and close to 45 on day two. If you are like the rest of us volunteers you will have actually been working since Wednesday so you will be a bit tired.

Have fun because when you are announcing, you want everybody else to feed off of your excitement of the game. I guarentee that if you are having fun, you are open to constructive criticism, and you love FIRST then those around you in this organization will help you to become the best you can be.

BTW if you read the announcer thread, you read about people challenging the announcers with words and phrases to put into games. If you feel comfortable have someone try that with you. It keeps you alert as to what you are saying, increases your announcing vocabulary (I’m glad I don’t have to spell what I say) and makes the games more enjoyable to you and those listening. :smiley:

you did a great job hope to see you make your way up to NYC FIRST! Regional to do some announcing since our announcers are boring:ahh:, and I hope to see you back at PARC VIII in 2005 announcing! :slight_smile: