How did the STAMP training workshop go?

Posted by Chris Mikus.

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Posted on 11/15/99 8:46 AM MST

Did anyone go to any of the training workshops that Parallax presented? How did it go? Did they talk about any specific tricks & tips for a FIRST robot or was the conversation kept to the STAMP in general?

I went to the SMC sponsored pneumatics seminar. They did a fair job at teaching ‘basic pneumatics’ but I felt that it would of been better if they did a ‘show and tell’ type presentation focusing on what was given in the kits in the past.

Posted by Susanne Krussell.

Coach on team #163, The Quantum Mechanics, from International Academy and Quantum Consultants/Eaton/ITT.

Posted on 11/15/99 3:40 PM MST

In Reply to: How did the STAMP training workshop go? posted by Chris Mikus on 11/15/99 8:46 AM MST:

Matt Rizzo and I attended on October 30 at Pontiac Central High School. I wrote about it on a posting dated 10/31 in the ‘general’ forum. It was all hands on. Quite good. The new stamp was introduced and given to us. They did not reveal much about the new game or kit this year, obviously, but the new stamp will be included.