how did your team choose your team name?

us, a rookie team in michigan.
partially because we’re too busy trying to get the robot to do what we want, we haven’t quite chosen a name yet…
not as in which one of these three names, raise your hand kinduv choose, but as in lets find a decent name before the animation has to be turned in.

I don’t know how are our team got it’s original name(the penguins) but last year we were forced to change it to The Flyers becuase that’s our schools name. After we won nationals, they didn’t like that everyone was talking about how the penguins won rather then the flyers. So you could always just use your schools mascot or your sponsers name.

Team 93 - The NEW Apple Corps.

NEW = North, East, West … for the three schools that participate within the team (Appleton North, Appleton East and Appleton West)

Apple = Appleton

Corps = well, the word is pronounced “core”.

Apple. Core. Get it? :slight_smile: The first few years the team was around, their logo was indeed an apple core, with the team slogan being “bad to the core”. Now the logo is a a modification of the FIRST symbol (an apple replaces the circle) and the logo is “Student conceived, student achieved!”

Chief Delphi

Chief = School Mascot
Delphi = Sponsor.

The X is for Xerox corporation.
The Cats is for the Wilson Magnet Wildcats.
It’s better than what Wilson Magnet used to be known as in the old days as West high. The Occidentals.
I don’t even know what an Occidental is.

Our school’s sports teams are the Lancers, so we’re the RoboLancers. I don’t like the name a lot, but hey, it works.

team name PAW

Pinecrest (school)
Apex (sponsor)
Westminiser (school)

Team Name: Hart Burn

Our high school name was Hart High School so we had a good name to play off of. So we opened up the dictionary and found words that had the heart prefix. So we had a few prospects: Hart Attack (though highly overused at our school), Hart Condition which led to the Pacemakers (we were thinking of going with a medical theme), Hart and Soul etc.

After a few days though, Hart Burn was the winner and here’s the criteria that may help your team:

  1. You remember the name. Some teams are remembered by their number but most people know our team name. It’s a comical concept so it sticks in your head. It was also easy to chant.

  2. You can do a lot with it theme wise. Images of flames reinforce the name so they were on our tshirts, on banners, on our robot, on the bags we gave out, etc. The “fire” image also worked when we gave out fireball candies, hot tamales, big red gum. When we did brochures, our webpage, publications out to sponsors and the school, it was always easy to follow the basic theme. The name was a publicity person’s dream because they had a lot to work with.

  3. It’s gender neutral so both sides of the aisle were happy.

  4. It went along with our school colors, black and red.

WATTNESS (our team name) is an acronym for the schools involved on the team: Waverly, Athends, Troy, Towanda, North-East, School Systems.

Chuck, our bot, was named after the shoes… Converse Chuck-Taylor All-Stars. A bunch of team members used to wear them years ago…

Team 217 - The ThunderChickens

Ford sponsored team, the story goes that when the original Ford Thunderbird came out, it was underpowered, so it was referred to as the Thunderchicken, one of our mentors (Ed Debler) brought this to our attention when we were naming the team, and its a funny name.

Team 237 Sie-H2O-Bots

Sie- short for Siemon Company, our biggest sponsor
H2O- abbreviation for water, our team is based in Watertown, CT
Bots- short for robot

In our third year we also came up with the subname of T.R.I.B.E. which is short for Taking Robotics Into Bold Experiences. This is a name we came up with during brainstorming to replace our old names. In year one ('99) we were known as the Black Magic Team but some people took it the wrong way so we quickly replaced it with the SunSeekers for the ('00) season but nobody on our team really liked it so we finally came up with and settled on T.R.I.B.E.

our main sponsor was AIL and they make radio Jammers and we are the redmen so we became the red jammers

Raider Robotix.

Raider = School Mascot
Robotix = “The ‘x’ is for flavuh”

We don’t really like it all that much. Most people call us Team 25.

last year we worked our tails off and totally forgot about a name, and our coach called us the ‘stars’. ugh. now we are ‘phoenix rising’, symbolising leaving the ashes of our former ineptedness behind. i like it.

Team Name: EagleBotics

Our high school mascot is the Eagle, and our teachers wanted our name to be associated with the school, so Eagle mixed with Robotics = Eaglebotics

Panther Robotic – Paola Panthers + Robotics

“Yellow Wave” – We took everyone with us to regionals and had penants and our team color is yellow (or gold). We won the team spirit and were champion at LSR. The announcer began the refer to our team as the yellow wave of 1108 because the amount of yellow and penants. He was the announcing in our division at national so we were the “yellow wave”.

Red cause Cornell is Red and so is our High School

Code Red cause it sounds either dangerous or funny (think homeland security).

It was changed to Code Red Robotics in the 2nd year from Red B^2.

The Team I came from is the Robo Wizards.

The way The team got that name was in Orlando 2000. I believe the 522 coaches were wandering around the Gift Shops in disney. They had came across a Wizard Hat and A Wizard doll *not sure about the doll) and they came to an aggreement that wouldn’t it be great to be called the “RoboWizards” ! As far the Team colors Purple and Silver just go together lol :smiley: :wink: :cool: :slight_smile:

we got our name by linking our mascots the gaels, and our sponsor are Sikorsky and have the black hawk helicopter so we became the gaelhawks

Eagle Executioners… our mascot is the Eagle too, and well last year we were Engineers… kinda geeky, so this year… we’re gonna EXEcute you all ( pun intended ) :smiley: