How difficult do you feel this competition is, this year?

I find it that it’s a bit to easy but is a bit hard too what about you?

In certain ways, it is easy.

Like simply programming a remote control to tell a robot to turn left(or whatever you want it to do).

There are several different ways you could score, which increase or decrease in difficulty level.

There’s your rabbit, which is pretty much just a drive base with some protective armor on it.
There’s your robot that pushes the ball.
You’ve got the robot that puts the ball and takes the ball off of the rack, and all of that jazz.

Each of those, depending on skill level, most likely would increase in difficulty.

But the game itself, in my opinion, is quite a bit easier than last year’s game.

I like the game, and can’t wait to start competing at the Boilermaker Regional!

I like the game because it’s good for rookies but Last Years game was a bit better more action and won’t make your head hurt like this years, looking around the track, around, around and around there is no defense so no action.
IN MY poinion this game would be great if they had the DEFENSE!!!

I like the game, it is like a (Chinese) buffet, there is something for everyone.

There are many different levels of challanges for scoring;
something for rookies that won’t stress them out and something for veterans who want to build flying machines and score big.

At first glance, this game seems really easy and rookie-friendly. I don’t think it is. Consider this: one lap with just your robot nets 2pts, but one lap hurdling nets 10pts (2pts for the robot, 8pts for hurdling). So, if a robot hurdles only twice in a match, it gets 20pts. To beat that, the boxbot needs to do eleven laps, which is quite a challenge. Good boxbots may be able to contribute some points to an alliance, but even a mediocre hurdler can top them.

But A rookie team is merely just trying to move their robot and at least this year they get points for moving around the track. Last year if they built a robot that could just drive they would get 0 points unless they had ramps. This Year i don’t like but it’s good for rookie teams

I honestly had no idea that hurdle would be difficult to spell.
I’ve seen it spelled so many ways, I’m waiting for hurl/hurling.

The game is going to be exciting. I want a front row seat and a big box of buttered popcorn.

Anyone who says it’s easy - have you picked up that ball yet?

And yes Jane, one of our mentors was talking about hurling the other day. Must have meant the ice game with big stones, right?

I think this is the game FIRST has been wanting for years now. It’s a game that anyone can play by just making a drive. That being said, I also think people are underestimating the difficulty of hurdling. I think you’ll see a lot of teams in week one spending plenty of time just trying to get the ball over. This game could potentially be one of the best in years depending on the strategies.

Rookies can “herd” the ball too for 2pt+2pt.

I disagree. Last year (and the year before), a rookie team could get a respectable (possibly match winning) number of points by climbing a ramp; a rookie could also build a boxbot and play defence for the whole match, which can be extremely valuable. This year, defence is much harder to play, there are no endgame “if you are at place x” bonuses, and scoring with the ball is a challenge. In my mind, this is the most rookie unfriendly game since 2001.

True, but keeping control of that ball will be a huge challenge for the inexperienced (and many of the experienced teams, too). Even herding, the rookie is still up against quite a challenge, they must get 6 laps to beat a mediocre hurdler. And, if it takes less than a minute, say, 30 seconds, for a hurdler to be able to score again, the boxbot can pretty much forget winning that match. (of course this all assumes the two alliances have equivalent partners)

Yeah, hurling is when you get really sick!

simply herding the ball is a challenge for most teams, to effectively do it you have to pretty much make a gripper that can grip it well just so you can maneuver with it.:ahh:

Last year it was competitive for the rookie teams, they had to just go on ramps haha thats very exciting and defense. Thats not really fun. This year rookies have a chance to compete and be competitive with the other teams, not just help or try to help with a weak squarebox. This year alows them to drive around and when the balls on the ground also pick it up and get more points. They can win without a strong team on their alliance.

When I first saw this game, I thought it was a cakewalk. The more I stew on it, the less I’m sure.

I think the basic objectives (driving, and ball herding) will be easier to achieve than similar objectives I’ve seen in First.

But I think the advanced objective (hurdling) will be harder to pull off consistantly, and quickly than a lot of the other advanced objectives I’ve seen.

what a nice normal curve we’ve got going…
Comparing this year to my past 3 years, IMHO its about par .: its not too easy or too hard. The game does seem too have less dimensions to it then last year… we had a difficult job of picking out unique playing strategies.

I’m thinking most robots will look the same, as was '06.

A very interesting distribution of those that think it is “too easy,” those that think it is “too hard” and a bunch that think it is “just about right.”

I have this wonderful mental image of a bunch of people in one corner with Mama Bear, and a bunch in the other corner with Papa Bear, and a bunch in the middle of the room with Baby Bear (who is looking at his little chair that is all broken because a Trackball fell on it)…



The trackball was hurled. Simple.

it depends on how your robot is built and what jod it does. if your robot just races around, its gonna be easy, if its a herdler, its gonna be hard.