how do get two pictures on your Chief Delphi Account????

how… :confused: :confused:

From the left, your two pictures are an avatar (which you have–User CP and dig around a bit for the avatar), and a Who Am I picture (WAI), which has a white border.

To get a WAI, upload a picture of yourself (preferably showing your face) to CD-Media and give it the tag “Who Am I”. When it shows up (approval process), there will be a nametag icon visible only to you. Click that to use the picture as a WAI.

The image on the left is the “avatar”

To get this, you can change it in your user control panel, but you’ve already figured this out.

The image on the right is the “Who am I?”

To get this, you must upload a picture to CD-Media and tag it with your user name and the phrase “Who am I?” once the image is approved you have to click the little name tag icon that shows up when you view the picture in cd-media. Please double check the forum rules before you upload a picture just to make sure it is appropriate!