How do I add P, I, and D values to LiveWindow?

Trying to add PID values to LiveWindow, can’t get it to work for some odd reason.

You’re going to have to provide more information in order to get useful help. What PID Controller are you using? What have you tried?

For example, if you’re using the built in WPILib or WPILib2 PID controller, it should show up automatically. If you’re using another PID controller, you may have to write code to match the PIDController Sendable interface.

Using our own copied version of the WPILib PID controller (Only difference is that ours has a method to be able to return P, I, and D values, and we have our own calculate() function).

Does it work with the unmodified version?

Reinstalling WPILib fixed the problem, oddly enough. PID values now show on LiveWindow

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