How do I change the NetworkTables update speed in NT4.0?

I’m trying to use odometry updates at a value of at least 50hz but no matter what we’re doing, NT is just sending data at 10hz. I’m trying to use the function instance.setUpdateRate(double interval) but it’s being marked as undefined no matter how I do it. it isn’t even in the class. Documentation says that there is a default rate of 10hz but doesn’t supply information on changing that interval. This was an option previously, in this post it’s spoken about having been in docs. but it no longer exists. is there a new way to do it? or has it been removed completely?
What do I do?

Take a look at Publishing and Subscribing to a Topic — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

i did. i see the periodic option, but i can’t really understand how I’m supposed to implement it.

Scroll up in the article where it shows a publisher being created (and back to the previous article about creating a topic).

This would change the period to 50hz. Alternately since you mention logging, sendAll might be more appropriate.

dblPub = dblTopic.publish(PubSubOption.periodic(0.02));

thank you! im trying to implement this now, and i’ll update with any changes.