How do I choose belts and pulleys for west coast drive?

I have already decided what gearbox I want to use for my west coast drive, but I don’t know which belt/pulleys to use. I want to fit three 6 inch wheels inside of a tube of versaframe stock with some space in between the outer wheels and the edge of the tube. Preferably I would want to use COTS belts and pulleys from WCP/VEX Pro or Andymark. How would I go about choosing belts and pulleys for my needs?

I’ll answer my own question and add on top of what @marcusbernstein said.

Go to . Start with your desired pulley size first. If you don’t know which one you want to use, just pick one or google similar mechanisms to yours and use their size.

After that, you’ll want to find your belt center distance. Start with your initial desired distance. See if it aligns with any of the standard belt sizes. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to change around the number a bit until it fits.

Now that you have found your center distance, you simply put that as your dimension between your two centers of your holes and use your corresponding belts and pulleys.

Here are some useful links:

Low load application belts:
Low load application pulleys:

High load application belts:
High load application pulleys:

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