How do I code for a robotic arm and Gripper?

I want to know How I even make code for a robot arm and gripper. we are using Java on VScode2023 making a command based robot. I want to know how to even go about coding for the Gripper and arm. I am a new coder and the only one for team 2647.
-We are using 5 or 6 motors: 4 for the drivetrain and 2 or 1 for the arm and gripper
-we are using Brushed CIM motors and the Motor controllers we are using are 4 VictorSP Motor controllers and I am planning on using 2 or 1 CANSparkMax Motor controllers for the gripper and arm
-plan on using encoders (if not we’ll be using navX but we are trying to go for encoders)
-no pneumatics sadly

We will need details, how many motors, what kind of motors, any pneumatics, are there any additional senors, etc…

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I edited the post with more details
check it out!