How do I connect my Unity3d Model to my WPILib Code for FRCJava?

I want to simulate my FRC robot code in Unity3d. For this, I watched the video by Bill Kinahan on Youtube and was able to make the Unity3d Model. But I am having trouble getting to run and connect my Java code to it.

Link to Youtube Video: FRC Chassis Build Demo in Unity - YouTube

Please I have been trying everything. Since I have no prior experience with Websockets I don’t know how to actually use it nor do I know where to include it in the code. Any kind of help will be much appreciated. Thank You

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I’ve not used this, but from the README it sounds like the websocket pieces on the Unity side are already written for you.

This step is the only thing you have to do on the robot code side to make Websockets work:

  1. Make sure the Websocket server based simulation option is available by uncommenting the appropriate line:
   simulation wpi.deps.sim.ws_server(wpi.platforms.desktop, false)

The file this is in is build.gradle.

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Hello, Thank You for the reply. However, I tried the solution earlier too. The problem is no such line exists in my wpilib file and when I try to add such a line it gives an error.

I am using the 2022 version of WPILib with VScode and it seems that the file exists in an older version. Should I downgrade all my libraries to an older version(2019 or 2020 maybe)? I was hesitant to do that since all my code uses the newer library versions and dependencies.

For 2022, you need to add the following line:

wpi.sim.addWebsocketsServer().defaultEnabled = true

Thank You SO MUCH!!.. I tried your Solution and it worked for me. Thank You