How do I contact 3690

Team 3690 was a rookie team that was next to us at Minneapolis regional that made me for the first time realize what it is all about. As an ex-jock I supported my son in every way I could but really did not understand the concepts (Helping the competition). Helping that team in any way we could, and seeing them go to semi’s while we watched was more of an education that I ever received in school. I really do not know who was more proud me or them.

I would like to get in touch with them if anyone knows how I can as I may have sponsorship opportunities for them but did not get a number.

What a great season!

I don’t see any registered users here from their team, but they seem to be associated with a school called Groves Academy in St. Louis Park, MN. You might be able to contact them through the school.

If you cant get to them through the school I would try Regional Director Mark Lawrence through the contact page on the MN FIRST Regional website:

I believe he would have contact information for the team.

Thanks for the Help. Now I got them. You ROCK.