How do I download a JSON?

We need the 2020 Trajectory json from GitHub but it just shows text on the browser. Also, where would we put this once downloaded?

If you’re clicking a link to get to the “text in the browser”, then right-click and “Save As…” should do it.

In order to answer your second question, I would need to know what “2020 Trajectory json” you’re referring to. A link would help immensely.

I also recommend this as some “light bedtime reading”:


I guess I’ll start from the big picture: How do we get the 2020 game into pathWeaver? Here’s as far as we got: PathWeaver doesn’t have a 2020 option yet. We found some stuff was needed like a JSON and field image. We have the field image just fine but we need to find the JSON file for the field. We found one on github but there is no option to download it; it has the text as if it is from a file and on the top right it has 3 things, I only remember “raw”. I don’t have that link with me.

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The 2020 field has not been included in PathWaver yet because the WPILib folks are waiting to get an official field image from FIRST before updating the tool. If you want a makeshift one in the meantime, refer to this post:

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