How do I enter the Autonomous mode?

we are working on regular form how do we enter the Autonomous mode?
(how can I enter the Autonomous mode?-how do I use it?)

There are two methods, you can connect ports 6 and 8 on the OI to start autonomous mode, disconnect to stop (Many teams use an on and off switch to short the two pins) – there are diagrams floating around (do a search) on how to make an autonomous dongle/faker, also since you are working with the competition port, you run the risk of messing up your OI if you do something wrong.
Another method is to set the team number on the OI to 0, tether the OI to the RC, then disconnect – to stop the autonomous mode, set the team number on the OI to anything but 0, then re-tether. It’s a safer way, but if the robot goes bezerk and you lose the tether then many bad things can happen.

we set our team number to 0, tethered bot, uploaded code, un tethered, and veen pressed reset (which i assumed only restarts the bot) and yet it does not work. we also changed team number, tethered, turned off bot, untethered, and turned bot on and we could not get it to work.

Here’s more detailed instructions:
-Set the team number on the Operator Interface to 0 (Both robot and operator interface should be powered, preferably no radio connection).
-Tether OI to Robot Controller (This should set the team number on the RC to 0).
-Disconnect tether from OI or RC (the robot should be running autonomous).

To stop autonomous:
-Set the team number on the OI to any number but 0.
-Re-connect tether.

If it doesn’t work, try using the autonomous faker that many other teams use. Read this document for more information.

alright thanks

Why not just use this?

while (p2_sw_aux1 == 1 || autonomous_mode) /* DO NOT CHANGE! */

Total joystick control!