How do I find web sites?

How do i find web sites to other teams?thanks, ronnie_82

Either here on ChiefDelphi in the “team list”


On FIRST’s site as soon as they finally update it:

Go the the FIRST website and go to the interactive map and select the state of the team your looking for or if you want to know by event select the state of the venue and go from there.

Here is the list for 2002


Here is the **live ** list for 2003:


Our website got bought by one of those cyber squatter co’s btw
Wish the law would make this illegal

Our old site had that same thing happen to it also. Only it was a different company and at one point it was turned into a pornographic website. It is so ridiculous that these people can do this, especially on a .org site.

Well Slow but Surely Im adding Team Web Sites links to My Website

Follow the drop down menu on the main page “Our Favorite Links”

Towards the end of the favorite links page theres another drop down menu with Team Web Pages. oor u can go to a more finished product

FIRST’s Team List
FIRST 2003 Team Listing


The 2003 Section of my website